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The Power of the Unconscious Mind for Success?

I don't Think So...

By Osama el-Kadi 2008

Never let anyone leads you into believing that Positive Mental Attitude, Transcendental meditation, NLP, the Power of the Unconscious mind or success affirmations are all that you need to know in order to succeed in life.

They are basically saying that you need to go to "sleep" stop thinking and leave the "unconscious" mind to connect you to the universal unconscious mind that will guide you all the way to success.

As if one "blind" unconscious mind is not enough!

While this of course may or may not be true, how did they come upon this fantastic knowledge with such a great confidence as to how the unconscious mind works, let alone how you can use it?

Can they prove that people with "negative mental attitude" will always fail while people with "positive mental attitude" always succeed?

They will be defying history and the facts, because success itself does not seem to discriminate as much as they do!

Like stories about Ghosts...

Like stories about ghosts... books are written, films are made and millions are pocketed... but has any one really seen a ghost?

Unless one is suffering from schizophrenia, I doubt that anyone has seen a ghost!

"Thoughts" are things... Have you ever heard that expression?

Famous books like: Think and Grow rich, The Science of Getting Rich, As a Man Thinketh, Acres Of Diamonds, The Hidden Power Of Universal Laws, The power within, NLP and so on and so forth, tells you that thoughts are things... and that you create and manifest whatever you desire by merely thinking about it...

How they figured this one out, I wonder.

If this was true, I guess that not one airplane would stay long in the sky, why? Because the majority of people when flying, they think about the Airplane crashing - this is statistics, but does this "thought" manifest itself all the time? I hope not!

What about Bill Gates and Larry Ellison...

I wonder if Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and so many other successful people, have really sat on their backside affirming success and thinking about it, then the billions appeared...just like that.

I don't think so...

Let me tell you dear reader, that in my many years in search for success, I wasted twenty years on the stuff I described above.

Of course, this stuff worked, but not for me, it certainly made publishers, training course organisers, and conference promoters, partly rich on what I spent alone...

What I found after years of search, that all the successful people throughout history: whether in war, business, football, acting, science, exploration, is that they all had ONE THING IN COMMON

Certainly not positive mental attitude, not that they attended Tony Robbins seminars, or followed Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra and manifested their miracles from the thin air, NO...

I found that they all used their "head".. Thought "consciously" about challenges and planned to overcome them.

They all thought "Strategically".

Yes, Strategic Thinking is the Key.

They analysed and understood their "strategic" position in any challenge they faced. They advanced that position using strategies based on human nature and Psychology while calculating the outcome of every situation they face. They did not react first!

This is Strategic Thinking using the conscious mind.

they saw the bigger picture that the "unconscious" mind cannot and was not "designed" to see.

They never reacted "instinctively" or unconsciously to challenges!

Sun Tzu the Art of War...

I found that they all more or less had ONE TEACHER that showed them this way of attaining power and wealth.

Sun Tzu and his Art of War treaty!

Sun Tzu in his great treaty The Art of War showed them how the conscious mind works.

How one could win over life obstacles without having to be in conflict with people and organisation all the time. He showed them that success in life is NOT about wishful thinking, dreaming or about letting, and the "unconscious mind" guide us to success. It is about living consciously and thinking strategically!

He certainly taught them that "Instinctual" response to challenging situations in life, is the number one cause of failure and even loss of life throughout history, for individuals, corporations and nations.

What "Gut feel" has to do with it....

"Gut feel" is what we are encouraged to use in these books and seminar instead of conscious, analytical and strategic thinking. "Use your instinct Luke" type of thinking, is really nothing but an outlet for the "unconscious" mind to fit everything we see or feel into our own reality, whether it is right or wrong.

Right or wrong... let me assure you again that the "unconscious mind" does not know...the difference at all.

Strategic thinking or conscious thinking is not about using the left brain over the right brain, it is about allowing the "conscious" mind to take the lead and use the "unconscious" mind to its advantage; wherever they both reside, left or right, it doesn't really matter.

The unconscious or the "subconscious" mind is valuable and without it, we cannot survive. But if all that you want from life is to survive then carry on ignoring your "conscious" mind and let your "sleeping giant" within take control and lead you any where it feels like. You will certainly make few success "merchants" very happy indeed

If on the other hand you wish to make your mark on the world and succeed in achieving your goals; and I suspect you do, then use your "head", use your "conscious" mind and go look for the teachers that explain how it works and what strategic and conscious thinking are all about.

Use that "space" created by the conscious mind in your "head" that shows you the outcome of any action before committing that action.

this is called "introspection" which is the key to the whole thing.

Most importantly, stop wasting money on success "traders", who will waste years of your life in search of their own success.


But why do people go by the thousands and spent millions on these seminars and books? You may ask.

Because it is "evangelism" and the happy pill that everyone is looking for. The get rich quick phenomena that the unconscious mind really like for one reason or another.

I guess it is this eternal struggle between the conscious and the unconscious to take control!

you know what I am talking about? you know when you do something "instinctively" and while you doing it, you know it is wrong, but the pleasure have overwhelmed you. This is what I am talking about! That struggle!

the drama here is obvious, strategic thinking or thinking "consciously and strategically is really the fastest and surest way to success, because you avoid costly mistakes along the way!

Study Strategy...

Please Study Strategy, study what the "conscious" thinking and strategic thinking are all about.

Look at successful people and watch them carefully and see how they react to challenges.

Do they use their "instinct"? Apart from crossing the road and breathing!

Do they instinctively respond to every challenge with either fight or flight or do they have a third option?

Do they say whatever comes to their mind, unguarded?

They do not!

See how politicians reach the top, see how business leaders reach the top of their organisation and see how great generals won wars and secured their nations survivals for eternity...

Where they "reactionaries?

I do not think so...

Finally study Sun Tzu the Art of Strategy, the most complete strategic thinking system for success ever invented by man.

Go ahead and may the force be with you... (Smile)

"The force of the conscious and strategic thinking mind of course"

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