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Tom Peters

The World's Leading Management Guru

Re-imagine Your Leadership!: Achieving Leadership Excellence In A Disruptive Age


Tom PetersTom Peters is the world's leading management strategies guru.

His first book, In Search of Excellence, co-written with Bob Waterman, launched a management revolution and was ranked in a recent poll carried out by Bloomsbury Press as the "greatest business book of all time".

Since then, he has remained at the forefront of the movement to radically change organisations and how they are led in the face of new consumer, global and technological realities.

Tom, meanwhile, describes himself as "a prince of disorder, champion of bold failures, maestro of zest, professional loudmouth, corporate cheerleader, lover of markets and... capitalist pig."

His books, including his latest work, He-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age, have topped sales charts for over twenty years, with Peters becoming the best-selling business author of all time. Fortune calls him the Ur-guru {guru of gurus) of management, while the Economist tags him the Uber-guru. Business Week describes him as business' "best friend and worst nightmare."

Tom Peters on Leadership

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Leadership is now tougher than ever. We live in crazy, chaotic times - what Tom Peters calls a Brawl With No Rules.

Nowhere is the brawl more brutal than in the realm of leadership.

CEOs appointed after 1985 are three times more likely to be fired than CEOs appointed before 1985.

How do leaders respond to today's rapidly changing realities?

Tom Peters has some important answers.

Your start point, he says, is to de-grey your organization's leadership, to repaint it in technicolour.

    "If Peter Drucker invented modem management, Tom Peters repainted it in Technicolour" Warren Bennis

Tom Peters demands that leadership be carried out in full colour. His stand is grounded in the conviction that most leadership is grey and indistinct, failing to stand out enough from the barrage of inputs, influences and messages that assault the senses in a stressful, media-saturated, modern world.

It's not the information economy. It's the attention economy.

Attention is the scarce resource and the leader has to win and retain it rather than assume, as in the past, that it is automatically given.

Attention, please!

In chaotic, fast-moving times, leadership 'out loud' is the only way of making a stand that people will rally to, he says.

Nowhere is this commitment spelled out more forcefully than in Tom's Re-imagineer's Credo:

"Technicolour times demand:
Technicolour Leaders and Boards who recruit
Technicolour People who are sent on
Technicolour Quests to execute
Technicolour (WOW!) Projects in partnership with
Technicolour Customers and
Technicolour Suppliers, all of whom are in pursuit of
Technicolour Goals and Aspirations that fit
Technicolour times!"

Leadership Discover

Tom believes that leadership isn't a contest for control, but a crafting of a joint discovery process. Leaders must learn to utter the three most dreaded words in business: "I don't know." Because "I don't know" instantly launches you on an important journey, one that may lead to unimagined innovation, or even a noble failure.

Great leaders, he explains, do not create followers; they create more leaders.

The best leaders in these chaotic times know, says Tom, that a noble failure is a cause for celebration. Because no failure means you haven't stretched. No failure means fear is holding you back.

One of Tom's favourite quotes, from ice hockey star Wayne Gretsky, says it all: "You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take."

The Innovative Leader's Survival Guide

Knowing that the needs of effective leadership change as rapidly as the volatile marketplace it supports, Peters offers the inspiration to take risks and provides them with an innovator's survival guide.

His key principles include keeping a limber and alert mind, breaking the mould, and becoming a leader of change, not a protector of the same old, tired traditions; of the way things have always been done.

True Leadership

In a world dominated by spin and insincerity, people are crying out for True leadership, says Tom, who has long championed authenticity over corporate plasticity, passion over compliance.

"90% of what goes on in your organization is corporate BS and you know it!" snarls Tom.

Your new job is to break the culture of cynicism, of watching-your-back, of 'why bother' and political maneouvring that pervades so many large organizations.

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