The Strategy of Tactical Positioning

Sun Tzu The Art of War in Negotiation

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Sun Tzu Art of War is all about Strategy of tactical positioning leading to triumph, whether in negotiation or in war.

Q Mr Osama El-kadi, you are known as a top strategist, negotiator and expert on utilizing Sun Tzu the Art of War strategies in business, sales, buying, and negotiation.

In a nutshell, how can Sun Tzu the Art of War strategies help a negotiator? Is it more useful in competitive or collaborative negotiations or both at the same time?

A Strategy exists only to deal with competitive situation.

Collaborative negotiation must sit in the realm of marriage I suggest.

Certainly, the Art of War only deals with competitive situations.

All what sun Tzu really taught us in his famous treaty is conscious thinking or Strategic thinking as oppose to tactical thinking.

He believes in extensive analysis of the situation before we engage in any challenge and calculations before entering the battleground. In other words, winning without fighting and bending the opponent by strategy. Fighting in this case is negotiation.

Sun Tzu Strategy is based on the laws of nature – both human and nature at large.

Since all life is subject to these laws, whether they are enacted microscopically or sociologically, Sun Tzu’s treaty is an universal template that shows the way to triumph over life’s conflicts or business negotiation.

The strategies presented in the Art of War are powerful tools that can be used to overcome opponents, whether in negotiation or even wars.

The Negotiation strategy follows a direct path that escalates until victory is assured. From analysis and projection, through planning and tactical positioning and onto confrontation whether negotiation or conflict of any kind.

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