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You may wonder why as a Sun Tzu's expert myself, have I included some of my "competitors" in this section of the website.

Well, first and most important of all, is my passion for the subject that I wanted to bring all the masters together for the benefits of my visitors.

I also wanted to show, that such a subject as Sun Tzu Strategy, has its gurus and masters too around the world.

In fact, there is no competitive issue here. however you count the number, it is by far a very small number of experts dealing with such an important subject as this... in fact the world need more gurus and experts on this strategic system to make it a better and more productive world.

Most important of all, is to make the world a more peaceful place when you listen to these masters telling you that:

"to win without fighting, is best of skills"
Sun Tzu the Art of War.

In the latest film “Pirates of the Caribbean”, I was struck by interesting part of this film. The nine pirates gathered to discuss how they can defeat a major enemy and conquer more territory.

One problem remained for them to solve; whom would they elect as their “Pirate King”.

For years, this simple election to unite the pirates proved to be an impossible task to achieve, why you may ask, because the nine pirates will always vote for themselves instead of voting for someone else to unit them.

The same is happening here, albeit with a bit of difference of course, the Sun Tzu strategy Gurus are not Pirates and they do not need a leader – They do however tend to vote for themselves as THE expert on most occasions.

what they need (as Sun Tzu would say himself), is some kind of unity to create a market and awareness of such a brand called Sun Tzu Strategy for winning and making a better world for all of us.

Would they ever do that? I wonder. Certainly, the other gurus on strategy and strategic planning in the modern world today, have gathered together and formed great companies and consulting businesses such as the Boston Group, McKenzie and Bain. All while the true strategy masters are scattered around the world giving a presentation here and there without really promoting their approach or brand. Just a thought.

Please be patient with me while attempting to build this section of the website.

Thank you

Osama El-kadi
Strategist and Motivational Speaker

Sun Tzu Strategy Gurus & Masters

R. L. Wing (Major Guru)

Gerald Michaelson

Mark McNeilly

Roger Ames

John Minford

Richard Marcinko

Ralph Sawyer (Major Guru)

Foo Check Teck (Major Guru)

George Teschner

Stephen Kaufman (Major Guru)

Kaihan Krippendorff

William Duiker

Jason Santamaria

Chet Richards

J.B. Bucklin

Khoo Kheng-Hor (Major Guru)

Guy Kawasaki

Thomas Cleary (Major Guru)

Robert Cantrell

Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch

Martin van Creveld

Terry Barker

David Li

Bevin Alexande

Donald Krause

Raymond Yeh

David Goldenberg

Jessica Steindorff

David Apostolico

James Chan

Robert Greene

Marc Benioff

Lauren Mary Kim

Mikkel Rasmussen

David Costa

Dr. Han Hiong Tan

Cung Le

Gen. Charles Krulak

William Scott Wilson

Maxine Hong Kingston

Notice:Detail pages on each Guru and their work is coming soon. Please keep visiting this page.

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