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On Successful Negotiation

An Answer by Osama El-Kadi

It is about establishing a winning position before entering the negotiation.

Q One key to successful negotiation is all the work that goes on beyond the bargaining table—what some calls shaping the game. What is an example of how shaping the game led to negotiating success?

A Successful negotiation is all about shaping the game before hand. this is what differentiate the men from the boys when it comes to major negotiation.

This approach is called tactical-positioning leading to winning.

Relying on bargaining skills and little preparation will certainly lead to defeat in most situations.

Mohamed Al-Fayed did not just walk into the office of deputy chairman of House of Fraser group and asked to buy Harrods. He planned it for three years before hand and before declaring his intentions.

He first worked as an agent of one of the board members: Lonro.

He supported him and offered his services to him. He befriended all the board members and entertained them in style.

He established his credentials in the UK as an Egyptian aristocrat, educated in Victoria College in Alexandria and brought up by an Irish Nanny.

He served the Sultan of Brunei and gained his trust to handle large amount of cash on his behalf.

Eventually and when the time was right he made his bid, which was expected, and certain to be approved.

He walked into the office of "his friend" the deputy chairman of the House of Fraser Group one afternoon, asked very positively, "how much House of Fraser worth?", the deputy replied, "we have an offer for £350 million Mr Mohamed".

Mohamed Al-fayed pulled a banker cheque from his inside pocket and put it on the desk of the deputy Chairman.

The deputy Chairman found to his shock and possibly pleasure, a Nat West bank cheque with a value of £650 million in front of his eyes.

Can you guess the rest? well the rest is history...

Always remember, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

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