Success Strategy - Part One

"The Ancient Forbidden Knowledge of Success"

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We seldom hear about success strategy skills training as a tool for achieving great success in life. We only hear about positive mental attitude, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Lateral thinking, spirituality, meditation and success tactics training of all sorts but never hear about strategy training itself.

Success Strategy Part One

These are with no doubts useful skills to learn and a pleasant way to go through life with, Only of course, they are NOT the true success strategy tools in business or in life.

Their promoters need to confine them to what they really are, and explain their limited applicability to guide our true success in life.

"Success "loophole" that nature missed!"

success strategy

Twenty five hundred years ago, the famous General Sun Tzu discovered a success "loophole" that nature missed! (It is a loophole in how people can succeed.) People like you and me.

Let me tell you how I came to this ancient success strategy knowledge.

I came to the UK 32 years ago from Egypt at the age of 24; full of education, hopes, dreams, and enthusiasm to achieve great success in life in my new adopted country.

Osama El-kadi 2011


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The Forbidden Ancient Knowledge of Success

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