Success Strategy - Part Seven

"My Progress in the Last 10 Years Was Stunning, So Shall Be Yours"

,br>My new success strategy was not only enriching but also a great fun. Challenges and change were my source of gaining new "ground" and achieving more success in life.

success ladder

Self-discipline and thinking "introspectively" and "consciously" before any challenge were keys to progress in life and better decisions every day.

In the last 5 years of my career, I steadily progressed to the position of Chief Procurement office of a UK FTSE 30 company.

Today, I have enough security and financial freedom to decide at the age of 51 to become an independent strategist and a coach on negotiation and strategy.

I decided to focus on my long held dream of becoming a Motivational Speaker to help other see the true road to the success they desire.

Simply, I feel great desire now, to share this knowledge and coach people on acquiring it.

It is all about helping people to avoid years of painful trials and errors searching for the true success strategy in life.

Thank you for reading my journey to discover the greatest success strategy of all.

Osama El-Kadi 2008


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