Success Strategy - Part Six

"I found Sun Tzu Great Secret and What he Taught Napoleon!

When I began to understand the true success strategy and learn, my life was not the same again. It was like what the ancient Egyptians call "resurrection".

success strategy

I learned that most people (like me) react to challenges using their "natural" Fight or flight instinctual response. Moreover, that this response to life's challenges is the number one cause of failure in life.

I learned that Nature is not fair, it sides next to the strong against the weak as we can see around us all over the world, in other words "survival of the fittest."

I learned that, twenty five hundred years ago, General Sun Tzu discovered a winning "loophole" in Nature.

He found a success strategy that enables the weak to triumph over the strong.

Hence, his treaty was only available throughout history to the ruling classes of China and not to the ordinary people like you and me.

When a French scholar first translated this success strategy book in the west, it landed at the hand of a French soldier; he loved, studied carefully, and went on to conquer Europe.

"His Name Was Napoleon"

Napoleon Strategy

I read so many biographies of successful people, their success strategy, past and present from all over the world, and found nothing related to NLP, PMA or mind mapping that led them to such a great success.

What I found was one of two things, either Sun Tzu art of war wisdom was mentioned explicitly or that their strategies and tactics for success were all derived from this famous treaty.

I discovered that Sun Tzu's success strategy had two basic issues to explain and to resolve:

    First, what is your position (in Business or in life)?
    Second, how to advance that position?

Sun Tzu's art of war success strategy, far from being on War it actually encourage us to avoid war or conflict, by using strategy to bend others and to bring them to our side instead.

Osama ElKadi 2008 <


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