Success Strategy - Part Five

"I Began To Think Hard.. Until One Day...

I begun to think very hard about success strategy. Positive Mental Attitude, NLP, and the "Lucrative" motivation industry are new phenomena in our days. This industry certainly made fortune for its players but certainly, didn't answer my question or advanced my career.

Success strategy

A question kept lingering in my mind for months. How did some people succeeded in life and how they built great fortune and empires before "think and Grow Rich" book was published in the twenties? and before all these training and seminars on success strategy flourished, based on this one book.

Then, I read a book that shocked me to the root and opened my eyes to a whole and different world of "conscious thinking" and Achievements.

The book is called Thick Face, Black Heart By Chin-Ning Chu.

What shocked me was a statement Chin-Ning made: "success through negative mental attitude" which meant that, against all the going wisdom and the motivation industry hips, we can succeed the way we are.

Chin-Ning used many quotes from timeless treaties like the Tao Te Ching and Sun Tzu the Art of War success strategy.

I started to study both treaties in earnest: They were in essence about success strategy in life and the true secrets that were taught only to the elites of every society for the last 2500 years.

Osama El-kadi 2008.


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