Success Strategy - Part Four

"On One Cold friday Morning... Here it Comes.."

So much for a great success strategy...

On one very cold Friday morning, my boss called me to an office, gave me a letter and a check for £300 for the three years I worked, while telling me that my services are no longer needed.

He escorted me outside the building with a nice goodbye.

success strategy

To tell you the truth, at this moment in my life, I felt every possible negative emotion you could ever imagine.

Despite all my training and hard work, I was being fired and thrown into the street like "...."

I felt Sadness, shock, horror, fear, anger and of course, great disillusionment and frustration with the whole thing.

Forget about success strategy, food comes first.

After ten years of hard work and dedication, I found myself in the street in the middle of a major recession in the UK in 1992, 11 months old boy, a cheque not even enough to cover this month mortgage and no saving in the bank.

I limped on, searched hard for a job in the following three months, and finally got a reasonable job at the AA for half the salary I was earning at House of Fraser. I didn't have much of a choice during the early nineties recession.

This "traumatic" experience during my career forced me to think differently about the meaning of success and the meaning of life itself.

Osama El-kadi 2008.


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