Success Strategy - Part Two

"Oh Boy Have I worked hard - Exactly What They Told Me to Do!"

In the beginning of my success strategy, I started my career as a computer programmer at NCR UK Limited in London. I spent half my salary on books and put double the hours needed to do my job.

success strategy

Exactly done what I was taught to do in order to succeed in life. This basically was my whole strategy for success that I knew.

The years passed and successes were few and far in between. Salary increase was steady as you go with the occasional promotion to a higher grade: analyst programmer, senior analyst programmer, team leader and so on.

I attended every seminar and training you could ever imagine on motivation, positive mental attitude, NLP, meditation, spirituality and Lateral thinking.

I read every book published by Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Earl Nightingale on the same subject and I listened to hundreds of tapes on achievements while hoping to find the true formula for a success strategy.

From Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy to Jack black to Wayne Dyer, to Deepack Chopra to Tom Peters to Tony Bozan to Edward de Bono to Zig Ziglar to Stephen Covey to transcendental meditation and much more (almost embarrassing to mention them all). You name the speaker, the training, the seminar, the tap or the book and I have been there.

Please don't take me wrong, these master teachers and their seminars and books are of value and most enjoyable. They may also work for you.

By Osama El-Kadi 2008


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