The War Room Strategy Workshop

Sun Tzu’s the Art of War application

Leader: Osama El-Kadi

This Sun tzu Art of war Strategy Workshop is unique and no other organisation delivering such a workshop on the face of this planet.

strategy workshop from osama El-kadi

In our Sun tzu Art of War Business Strategy Workshop, we roll our sleeves and get down to business!

This Art of War Workshop is unique and no other organisation delivering such a workshop on the face of this planet.

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Sun Tzu Said:

    "Strategy is the great work of the organisation. In situation of life and death, it is the Way of survival or extinction. Its study cannot be neglected"

The Art of war business strategy workshop is conducted by Osama El-kadi.

Specifically tailored to your company situation.

this half-day or full day workshop starts with an introduction to Sun Tzu Art of War strategies in business & in negotiation to allow participants to get into the right frame of mind to strategies according to the ancient system of Sun Tzu Art of War.

The Art of War strategy workshop will analyse a specific situation faced by the company:

  • multibillion bid for business,
  • major negotiation conflict with another company,
  • planning for a new innovation to take to market,
  • a major acquisition to achieve best outcome
  • setting an account strategy for the sales organisation.

The Art of War strategy workshop is exciting, enlightening and relevant.

Your company position is analysed and rated as to whether to challenge or not to challenge.

Strategizing includes a brain storming session to discover the opponent’s plans, tactics used in the specific situation and discovering the characteristics of a specific situation.

The results of the opponent brain storming session is then complimented with the company’s focus on building their own plans, strategies and tactics that suit their situation along with guidance on strategic tactical positioning leading to winning.

The main objectives of this powerful strategy workshop is to agree a common set of plans and strategies in order to accomplish a decisive win over an opposition without damaging the resources of your company or your opponent' company. After all:

"“To win without fighting is the best of skills”

See a video clip from our Art of War Workshop in India!

Two Days Strategy & Sun Tzu Art of War Workshop & Seminar in India
Two Days Strategy & Sun Tzu Art of War Seminar in India 2009

What Did Our Client in India Say

"In your leadership of this workshop, I found a rare combination of confidence, wit and experience. The forceful nature by which you made your points was illuminating, as a lesson in clear, confident and powerful communication. Moreover, the manner in which you managed the attendee group dynamics was also great, in the way you combined business insights with humour, and encouraged open discussions while being decisive with clear business examples.

So overall, even beyond the merit of Sun Tzu’s timeless treatise, for me the workshop experience was further enriched due to your individual presence. And thank you again for the wonderful experience during the two days workshop"

Saugata Chatterjee
Strategy Director
ITC InfoTech Indian

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