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Napoleon & Sun Tzu Lessons

In this section of the Easy-Strategy.Com we bring you the best strategy stories ever written in the world today.

These stories will not only be enjoyable, but also educational and affirmative of the principles we have been labouring about in this Website.

Strategy is the greatest history's success tool, ever invented by man.

What is Strategy?

Strategy is a way of thinking, that Man invented to solve the mounting problems of the day when the voices of the Gods stopped guiding him!!

Strategy is the success tool used by the rich and the powerful throughout history to gain more.

You can be spending years of your life listening to motivational speakers and reading books on how to be wealthy and rich without any results. These books tells you to just "think" what you want and so it shall be yours. I say to you: "strategize and think consciously and then you could win over life challenges."

Sun Tzu, 2600 years ago, invented the Art of Strategy. The Art of determining one's position and how to advance that position leading you to victory over life challenges...

Come with me to this journey and read about strategists and their magnificent strategy addition, I am adding more all the time.

Nevertheless, most importantly..

Keep Smiling :-) Everything change!

Osama El-kadi
Strategist and Motivational Speaker

"The New Strategist at the Helm in British Gas...Reviving the Ailing Giant..."

The Strategist leading British Gas By Osama El-kadi

Would you like to know how a Strategist operates? Then please come along with me in this "little" journey.

"Napoleonic Lessons for Google & Microsoft"

Napoleonic Lessons for Google & Microsoft By Jawad Shuaib

Napoleon Bonaparte was arguably the most strategic mind set to war. As we shall see later, his strategic brilliance, however, is equally applicable to the competitive world of Business; and in this case, Microsoft’s rivalry with Google. Read one of our great strategy stories.

"Coincidences That Made Google Successful"

Coincidences That Made Google Successful By Jawad Shuaib

If I hadn't gotten in the car accident that year, I wouldn't have quit school and I might never have started Apple. It's weird how things happen. - Steve Wozniak strategy stories.

"My Father and President Mubarak of Egypt"

My Father and President Mubarak of Egypt

I have held a deep down gratitude and respect for President Mubarak, for a long time, and for many reasons. Most importantly for me, is the way he treated one of Egypt's greatest political opposition leaders of modern times at the time of his need and death. Who, also, happens to be my Father.

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