Business Strategy Keynote Address

"Sun Tzu the Art of War in Business"

Speaker: Osama El-Kadi

Our strategy keynotes address is designed to be informative and inspirational.

This strategy keynote address sets the tone for the entire strategy conference.

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Keynote speech at Commercial Leaders in London

The strategy keynote address delivers :

A unique and one of its kind keynote business motivational presentation on utilising Sun Tzu the Art of War strategies in business.

Delivering a very different proposition and understanding from the conventional strategy approach prevailing in the academic world today.

This strategy keynote address will open the minds and approach of the audience to a completely new world of strategy.

Audience at this strategy keynote address are challenged to analyse the way they both organise and plan to achieve the best possible results for their businesses in the encounters they undertake.

Sales organisations have learned to maintain and grow healthy margins through careful strategy & negotiation utilising these principles.

In this strategy keynote address, we will show you how to reach your individual and organizational potential.

Using the Sun Tzu classical strategy principles, you will understand :

  • strategic analysis
  • the progress cycle for advancing your market position,
  • situational response,
  • creative momentum,

Once you master these tools, you will develop the ability to see your situation objectively, recognize unseen opportunities, perform at a higher level, and achieve more consistent results in meeting business challenges.

This, in turn, will allow your organization to achieve higher levels of growth and performance.

The Strategy keynote address is solidly grounded in the latest research in traditional military science, management theory, negotiating theories, behavioural psychology, and other sciences.

The presentation designed to be both practical and enlightening not to mention, highly entertaining.

Osama El-kadi's strategy keynote address, guarantee to liven up any conference and will not only be exciting and entertaining but will also be unforgettable and most educational.

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