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These strategy articles will give you background, tips, techniques and skills on everything from meaning of strategy to business application: negotiation, sales, leadership, management and application in life leading to great and unimmaginable success. All in the straight-to-the-point style you've come to expect from this website.

Negotiation & Business Strategy Articles

Strategy Basics

Strategy Definition and Fundamentals
The word Strategy derives from the Greek word stratçgos (which derives from two words: "stratos" - army & "ago" - is the ancient Greek for leading/guiding/moving to), it referred to a 'military commander' during the age of Athenian Democracy.

What is Strategy?
In Sun Tzu answers the serious question of "what is strategy". In the opening of The Art of War treaty, he begins by saying:

What is Strategic?
If the marketing decision fits with the overall strategy and essential to the corporate strategy of the organisation, we can safely call it "strategic Marketing decision".

The Nine Strategy Elements of Sun Tzu
The nine Strategy elements explained here, are what we must consider and analyse before plunging into costly fight or flight actions with people and organisations

What is your Strategic Position?
You have a position in every situation you face... if you do not know it.. then it is simply a position swinging in the air.

What is Strategic Thinking?
In business, we sometimes “humorously” relate strategic thinking to something very expensive or very clever.

The Five Elements of Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning is the process you follow to form your Strategy. Using our powerful Strategic System you will in five easy steps create your strategy in one day.

Strategy Buzzwords and the Economist John Kay
Yin and Yang. Back to Yin — or is it Yang? John Kay, respected columnist and reputable economist John Kay, has trouble with the strategy buzzwords too.

What is Corporate Strategy?
Corporate Strategy is the overall Glue that binds the organisation together. It sets the guides and principles for the rest of the functions to follow. Thus ensuring that they become Strategic in their own right.

Where Will Your Strategy Guru Lead You? by Chris Ogden
When faced with the challenge of strategy development, Chief Executives or strategy teams will often turn to the latest ideas coming from the established strategy consultants.

Business Strategy of The Global Fortune 500 Companies
What most companies declare as their business strategy isn’t so. What they publicly declare as a strategy, is simply a mix of their policy, objectives, goals, or even mission. To give it a sexy name, they just call it a strategy.

Planning to become a class act by Carol Lewis
Your career will benefit from strategic thinking, and we’re not talking about deciding who you need to elbow out of the way on your route to the top

Negotiation Articles

Negotiation Strategy or Just Negotiation - What do they Teach You?
There are two negotiation approaches prevailing in the world today, but unfortunately only one is more widely spread, especially in the negotiation training circles.

The ABC of the Negotiation Game - The Three Golden Rules
In my 30 years in the negotiation game at all levels, I realised that these three golden rules are really what matter for achieving great results in the game.

IT Contracts Negotiation - Who Leads, Legal or Commercial?
Leading the contract negotiation in the majority of cases however, should be left entirely to trained commercial negotiators. Lawyers should be important members of the negotiating team but not the lead. Learn the A B C of Contracts negotiations.

Negotiation Q & A Complete Section
Osama El-Kadi answers the most important negotiation questions you may have.

What Makes a Successful negotiator?
A successful negotiator understands the ABC of negotiations...

What Negotiation Information is Needed Before the Start?
A good negotiator should know before the negotiation whether he is winning or losing, Read More...

What Negotiation Approach do You Consider a Favorite?
I believe that all negotiations are competitive in nature, calling a negotiation approach, collaborative, is a contradiction in terms, Read More...

how Can Sun Tzu the Art of War help a Negotiator
Sun Tzu Art of War is all about Strategy of tactical positioning leading to triumph, Read More...

What Are Some Common Negotiator Blunders?
The most common negotiator blunders are, first, talking too much during negotiation and second, making threats that cannot be realised Read More...

How Do You Creat a Negotiation Value?
In the mind of the other party and Claim value: to one's own organisation...Read more...

What Are the Attributes of a Breakthrough Negotiator?
There are two types of negotiators, a strategic negotiator and a tactical one., Read More..

What is an Example of How Shaping the Game Led to Success?
Successful negotiation is all about shaping the game and that what differentiate the men from the boys, Read More...

Why Companies Don't Take Bsiness Negotiation Skills Development Seriously?
Companies do not do this deliberately. Business Negotiation skills are part of the training of any manager in any company...Read More..

Who Would Have the Upper Hand in a Negotiation
Any one of them could have the upper hand if he thinks strategically. The most skilled of the four, who could also have the upper hand of any negotiation is the “Wheeler Dealer”...Read More...

What is Fair and What is Win-Win Negotiation?
It all depends on the negotiation skills a negotiator possess. The less skillful a negotiator the more he is prone to accept most outcomes as “fair”...Read More.....

What Poor Negotiation Have you Witnessed?
I was negotiating with Cisco (a major Telecom Hardware Manufacturer) to get an advantageous framework arrangement for three years...Read More...

Sun Tzu Strategy Articles

Who is Sun Tzu & What is the Art of War?
Sun Tzu (Chinese: 孫子; pinyin: Sūn Zǐ) ("Master Sun") is an honorific title bestowed upon Sūn Wǔ (孫武; c. 544 BC – 496 BC), the author of The Art of War, an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy. He is also one of the earliest realists in international relations theory.

Great Sun Tzu Quotes
All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

Sun Tzu's Wisdom on Disruptive Innovation
What is Sun Tzu to do with a modern competitive theory such as the theory of Disruptive Innovation?

Sun Tzu Strategy Gurus and Masters
You may wonder why as a Sun Tzu's expert myself, have I included ALL my "competitors" in this section of the website.

Interpretation of Sun Tzu's First Chapter - Analysing the SituationIn Sun Tzu the Art of War Chapter one, Master Sun believed that even before considering a confrontation; for whatever purpose, it is essential to calculate a complete analysis of the situation.

The Art of Strategy - Introduction
Introduction and main page.

The Art of Strategy - Part One
Perspective on the writing of Sun Tzu's Treaty.

The Art of Strategy - Part Two
Three words in the opening of the Art of Strategy are very important.

The Art of Strategy - Part Three
Two main issues that the Art of Strategy deals with..

The Art of Strategy - Part Four
The Art of Strategy Positioning and Advance.

The Art of Strategy - Part Five
The Art of Strategy The advance Cycle

Master Strategists

The One Move That Can End The Credit Crisis And Win The Democrats The Election!
September 2008. Does the US government and the Federal Reserve really think that they will resolve the credit crisis in America by continuing to pour Billions and Billions into the coffers of the mismanaged American financial institutions? Here is what the Democrats may wish to push the US government and the Feds to consider to resolve the crisis.

What would Sun tzu Advice Obama to Do Now?
By comparing each element for both candidates (say from one to 10 on strength), we can safely end up with a calculation that will favour one candidate over another at a certain point in time. This candidate will win the election if he maintained and increased the score until the Election Day.

Bill Clinton and the Art of Listening and Leadership
I must tell you about a great story that taught me so much about the Art of Listening and Leadership in one minute.

Stock Market Strategy By Mark Crisp
We know that professionals take a lot of your profits and even if you want to work with one later on, it’s better to know what’s going on first. So what are the strategies that those professionals use?

What should Sony Do Next By Clayton Christensen
You have been hit with a disruptive attack. A competitor you dismissed has successfully changed the game in your industry. Analysts and investors are clamouring for your response…or your head. What should you do?

My Father, President Mubarak, and the Egyptian opposition!
Egypt became a province of Rome, disappeared from history... Until... it regained its dignity and awakened to its rightful place in the world; in the revolution of the Free Officers; lead by Gamal Abdul Nasser and the free officers in 1952.

Strategy From the Master Strategist at British Gas
Would you like to know how a Strategist operates? Then please come along with me in this "little" journey.

Michael Porter's Big Ideas by Keith H. Hammonds
Here is how Michael Porter regards the business landscape: Beginning in the mid-1980s, he more or less left the strategy world to its own devices, focusing his attention instead on the question of international competitiveness.

Grand Strategy in Business an Article from the strategist at BP
There would be a grave danger of sinking into bathos if I were to try to pretend that companies are in any way comparable to great nations. They are not, and that is why companies do not talk in the language of grand strategy.


Managing a Business is Not a Mysterious Art
Margaret Thatcher was not wrong when at the beginning of her tenure likened the running of the United Kingdom economy to running a household budget. In fact this simple wisdom is what sparked the economic recovery of the 90s for this great nation. This simplicity in managing a business or a nation's economy, may have paradoxically hindered the understanding of the wisdom.

Strategic Procurement

Cheap Country Sourcing
I was invited to participate in a round table discussion along with senior colleagues from the largest purchasing organisations in Europe.

Strategic Procurement Does not Mean Being In The Supplier's Bag
Talking about "Strategic" Procurement and what this means is more confusing than ever. Attaching the word “strategic” to any endeavour in life for that matter seems to be surrounded by even more confusion.

Do Procurement Departments Deserve to Perish?
I am amazed that it is taking such a long a time for procurement departments of indirect goods and services to perish and be replaced by a function called "commercial". It seems that some of the good old procurement and business bureaucrats have managed to keep this function alive and kicking while spending hard-earned company money trying to save it.

Motivational Articles

The One Law of Success Since Time Began!
the big time success and achievement will never come if one doesn't understand the one law of success that have existed since man appeared on this planet...

The ancient Forbidden Knowledge of Success?
We seldom hear about success strategy skills training as a tool for achieving great success in life. We only hear about positive mental attitude, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Lateral thinking, spirituality, meditation and success training of all sorts.

The Mighty Secret of Power and Wealth
Whoever designed this "Human" system made sure from the outset that the few will conquer and the majority will be conquered and controlled.

How to become the Chief Executive- Part One
In my articles, I usually start from the beginning of a success journey in life. This time I decided to go deeper and start from the end of the Journey and define success itself.

How to become the Chief Executive- Part Two
We now need to delve deeper into analysing our strategic position before we proceed into the specific strategies to advance that position leading to such a position.

How to become the Chief Executive- Part Three
In the last two parts we discussed the two steps required; Analysing your strategic Position and second Advancing that position. Part three deals with the second element of analysing your strategic position.

How to become the Chief Executive- Part Four
In this part we will discuss "the Ground" element of your strategic position. The ground is where you compete with others.

The Power if the Unconscious Mind? I Do not Think So...
Never let anyone leads you into believing that Positive Mental Attitude, Transcendental meditation, NLP, the Power of the Unconscious mind or success affirmations are all that you need to know in order to succeed in life.

Fed up of Motivational Speeches?
After spending 20 years of my working life listening to motivational speeches and attending motivational seminars and workshops on success, without notable results, a traumatic crisis in my life opened up my mind to the reality of success.

Shallow lesson of business books by John Kay
The mistake both authors and publishers of business books make is to confuse a book about “what I did” with a book about “how to do it”.

Strategy in Action

Dreams are no basis for a sound corporate strategy by John Kay
An effective business strategy is not separable from execution and is not based on visions and dreams, but on a match between capabilities and activities.

Current Events

The American Election Strategy Today
The Americans have a great opportunity to regain the lost respect and love of the world today. As an American election strategy, They can Simply elect a president that does not destroy people and nation all over the world in the name of the best interest of America.

New Seven Wonders of the World for a few dollars more
I watched with wonder how the modern world and some of its business people still making mockery of the ordinary people of poor nations and their heritage with no shame or guilt, exactly as they and their predecessors have done for hundreds of years.

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