Strategic Thinking

Part Three

"Is NOT the Preserve of Just the Elites of Business to do!"

The previous two parts articles on Strategic Thinking have brought you to this conclusion page.

We now conclude that Strategic thinking is therefore NOT that complex; it is also NOT the preserve of just the elites of business to do.

strategic thinking

It is basically a style of thinking that is neither reactionary nor emotional; most importantly it is an approach to thinking that is essential and in line with the strategy and the mission of an organisation or an individual for that matter.

Therefore if someone in your organisation tells you that, "you don't think strategically", you should know exactly what they mean.

Remember... when at work and in meetings, try to ensure that your conversations have a mix of the company mission or overall strategy elements in them - then you may be called "a strategic thinker" and find you get on within your career and prosper.

A word of caution though; the company mission and strategy may NOT be at the heart of the person you are talking to, so be careful because this persons "strategic thinking" could be defined as what is "essential" to them!

So armed with this information, it is now up to you, if you want to please him/her or not!

"Creativity cannot be taught, but it can be learned."

(OHMAE cited in de Wit and Meyer.)


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