The Five Elements of Strategic Planning

Sun Tzu the Art of War Strategy

Part One

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Strategic Planning is the process you follow to form a Strategy.

Using Sun Tzu powerful strategic planning system, you will, determine your position and start creating your own strategy in an enlightened and powerful way.

strategic planning

The process is so simple, so simple that people sometimes prefer to ignore it, and instead, spend too much money to hire consultants to give them the same planning results; C’est la Vie , such is life.

Sun Tzu overall strategic system consists of two major parts:-

  • What is strategic position (strategic planning)
  • How to advance that position (strategy)

One word of caution: -

  • Strategy in itself is not Planning
  • Planning is usually done in a controlled environment
  • Strategy comes later and it deals only with the changes in the field of operation.

In this article, we will only deal with strategic planning, or positioning, not the strategy itself. This is quite another matter.

The five elements or steps must be considered and analysed in any strategic planning process. The analysis is relative to your opponent situation. It is a fact that a position on its own is not strong or weak, it is only so in relation to your opponent (competitor) position.

The five elements therefore must be considered for both, you and each opponent in the game you are playing, in other words, the market you are in.

One major fault of the current strategic analysis prevailing in the market place, called, "SWOT"; (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats), is the fact that it deals with these four elements in isolation of the competitor situation.

What may be perceived as weakness in an organisation may not be so in comparison to all the competitors in this market.

Therefore, it is fruitless to do a "SWOT" analysis without taking your opponent situation or position into account.

Let’s look at the Sun Tzu five elements in details:

  1. The Mission
  2. The Climate
  3. The Ground
  4. The Leadership
  5. The Methods

Getting these five strategic elements right before any execution or venturing into business, is the best way to ensure success in any endeavour you choose to undertake in life.


What is Strategic Plasnning Part One Strategic Planning - Part One You Are Here!
Strategic Planning is the process you follow to form a Strategy. Using this powerful strategic planning system, you will, in five easy steps, create your own strategy in one day.

Strategic Planning - Part TwoStrategic Planning - Part Two
The mission is what unifies or creates unity (clarity, understanding) between the leader of the business, the people working in business, and the customers.

Strategic Planning - Part Three Strategic Planning - Part Three
The climate is about timing “What is changing” that is creating the opportunity for your business.

Strategic Planning - Part Four Strategic Planning - Part Four
The Ground is where you chose to compete. There is both difficult and easy ground; there is also intersected ground and a dangerous one too.

Strategic Planning - Part Five Strategic Planning- Part Five
Get your leadership right, in order for your people and the customers to follow you.

Strategic Planning - Part Six Strategic Planning - Part Six
The Methods are your artistry that you apply to your business

Strategic-Planning - Part Seven Strategic Planning - Part Seven
In Summary of Strategic Planning we conclude that...

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