Strategic Planning: Part Seven


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Finally, we conclude the five strategic planning elements of Sun Tzu the Art of War Strategy.

strategic planning conclusion


Sun tzu Concludes in the Art of War on five Strategic Planning elements:

    "Leaders should not be unfamiliar with these five.
    Those who understand them will triumph.
    Those who do noy understand them will be defeated."

Finally, you compare your score to that of your competitor, when your score exceeds that of your competitors in all the five elements, you are then onto a sure road to winning “big time” in your chosen business.

If your score is lower, then now is the time to create the strategies to enable you to advance your position.

Now after you have created your strategic plan - it is time for you to learn strategy in order to manoeuvre your way to greater success and advance your current business position to new heights and for you to reach your aspired goals.

But this is another story; Let us first make sure that we get your strategic planning/positioning right.


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Strategic Planning is the process you follow to form a Strategy. Using this powerful strategic planning system, you will, in five easy steps, create your own strategy in one day.

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The mission is what unifies or creates unity (clarity, understanding) between the leader of the business, the people working in business, and the customers.

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The climate is about timing “What is changing” that is creating the opportunity for your business.

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The Ground is where you chose to compete. There is both difficult and easy ground; there is also intersected ground and a dangerous one too.

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Get your leadership right, in order for your people and the customers to follow you.

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The Methods are your artistry that you apply to your business

Strategic-Planning - Part Seven Strategic Planning - Part Seven You Are Here!
In Summary of Strategic Planning we conclude that...

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