Strategic Planning: Part Five

"The Leadership"

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The fourth element of our strategic planning method based on Sun tzu the Art of War Strategy is The Leadership.

strategic planning elements of sun tzu

Fourth element - The Leadership

Get your leadership right, in order for your people and the customers to follow you:

Sun Tzu sees Leadership as a vital element of any strategic planning process and for triumph over opponents in any challenge in life. In a straightforward manner, he defines the five qualities a leader must have in order to reach any major position, whether it is an army general job or a chief Executive of a major company.

Sun Tzu the Art of War also defines the five weaknesses in Leadership that leads to defeat.

First, we deal with the qualities and skills you require in order to be successful in positively challenging any opponent for such a position. By having those qualities you will also ensure that, you will succeed once you attained such a position of leadership. Here are Sun Tzu five qualities of leaders:

  • Caring have and show genuine concern for your people and for your customers
  • Intelligence This will ensure that you can see the opportunity and the changing climate
  • Courage To take the necessary decisive actions to capitalise on opportunities
  • Discipline Tough but ruthlessly fair to manage the business
  • Trustworthiness So that your people and your customers can and will trust and follow you


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Get your leadership right, in order for your people and the customers to follow you.

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