Strategic Planning: Part Four

"The Ground"

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The third element of our strategic planning method based on Sun Tzu the Art of War Strategy is The Ground.

The thrird element of strategic planning: The Ground

Third element - The Ground

Sun Tzu in the Art of War Said:

    Ground is the distance or immediate, the obstructed or easy, the broad or narrow, and the chances of life or death."

The Ground is where you chose to compete. There is both difficult and easy ground; there is also intersected ground and a dangerous one too.

Chose your ground, and where to compete wisely; Chose the ground where your strength matches your competitors’ weakness – This will create competitive advantage, which you will certainly need in order to win.

New grounds are being created every day; The Internet and the World Wide Web did not exist 10 years ago. Now Google, in a mere 7 years of operation is getting bigger and more profitable than HSBC Bank or for that matter Bank of America. With a $160 billion capitalisation of this giant of a company, we could all learn one or two things about planning and strategy from Google.

Find new and easy ground to compete (don’t get sucked into playing “me too”).

Find a ground where customers cannot afford a particular, expensive service of one kind or another - and offer them perhaps a lower, but acceptable quality of the same service, but a more affordable one.

Always remember that when the PC first started to appear, any secretary at the time could type faster on the Typewriter than on the 8080 PC Chip. The Desktop photocopier was no match to the large copiers when they were first introduced, but people liked the convenience of the desktop copier and a revolution was in the making.

This is called “disruptive innovation” you need to study and understand this concept well.


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