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Strategy Articles

Strategy Articles - Complete

What is Strategy

What is Strategy? According to Sun Tzu
What is Strategic?
The Nine Strategy Elements of Sun Tzu
What is your Strategic Position?
What is Strategic Thinking?
Strategic Planning & Sun Tzu Art of War
Strategy Buzzwords and the Economist John Kay
Corporate and Grand Strategies Cannot Get any Easier
Where Will Your Strategy Guru Lead You? by Chris Ogden
Planning to become a class act by Carol Lewis
The Real Business Strategy of The Fortune 500 Companies
Sun Tzu Strategy' Gurus and Masters

Negotiation Strategy Articles

Negotiation Strategy or Tactics - What do they Teach You?
IT Contracts Negotiation - Who Leads, Legal or Commercial?
The ABC of the Negotiation Game - The three Golden Rules.
Negotiation Dialogue with a PhD Student.
What Makes a Successful negotiator?
What Negotiation Information is Needed Before the Start?
What Negotiation Approach do You Consider a Favorite?
how Can Sun Tzu the Art of War help a Negotiator
What Are Some Common Negotiator Blunders?
How Do You Creat a Negotiation Value?
What Are the Attributes of a Breakthrough Negotiator?
What is an Example of How Shaping the Game Led to Success?
Why Companies Don't Take Negotiation Skill Development Seriously?
Who Would Have the Upper Hand in a Negotiation
What is Fair and Win-Win Negotiation?
What Poor Negotiation Have you Witnessed?

Sun Tzu the Art of War

The Art of Strategy - Complete
Perspective on the writing of Sun Tzu's the art of Strategy
Art of Strategy begins
The Art of Strategy deals with two main issues
The Art of Strategy Positioning and Advance
The Art of Strategy Advance Cycle
Who is Sun Tzu? Bio
Great Sun Tzu Quotes
Sun Tzu's Wisdom on Disruptive Innovation
Osama's interpretation of Sun Tzu's First Chapter - Analysing the Situation Sun Tzu Art of War Gurus

Master Strategists

Why our politicians are always fond of the two options scenario and nothing else?
Why are we so Scared of the Old Regime (El-Watany Party?
Voting “Yes” or “No” is Neither a High Treason Nor Against God's Laws.
The One Move That Can End The Credit Crisis And Win The Democrats The Election!
How Would Sun Tzu Advice Obama Now?
Napoleon Lessons for Google & Microsoft
Bill Clinton and the Art of Listening and Leadership
Stock Market Strategy By Mark Crisp
What should Sony Do Next By Clayton Christensen
My Father, President Mubarak, and the Egyptian opposition!
Strategy From the Master Strategist at British Gas
Michael Porter's Big Ideas
Grand Strategy in Business an Article from the strategist at BP


Managing a Business is not a Mysterious Art

Strategic Procurement

Cheap Country Sourcing
Do Procurement Departments Deserve to Perish?
Strategic Procurement Doesn't Mean Being In The Supplier's Bag

Motivational Articles

The One Universal Law of Success Since Time Began!
The ancient Forbidden Knowledge of Success?
The Mighty Secret of Power and Wealth
How to become the Chief Executive- Part One
How to become the Chief Executive- Part Two
How to become the Chief Executive- Part Three
How to become the Chief Executive- Part Four
The Power if the Unconscious Mind? I Don't Think So
Fed up of Motivational Speeches?
Shallow lesson of business books by John Kay

Strategy in Action

Dreams are no basis for a sound corporate strategy by John Kay

Current Events

The American Election Strategy Today
New Seven Wonders of the World for a few dollars more

Business Strategy Gurus

Business Strategy Gurus - Complete
Igor Ansoff The father of Strategic management
Henry Mintzberg On Strategic Management
Michael E. Porter's 5 forces analysis
Clayton Christensen On Disruptive Innovation
Tom Peters The World's Leading Management Strategies Guru
Marvin Zonis on Globalization
W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne
Kenichi Ohmae
Peter Drucker
Gary Hamel and Prahalad
Al Ries and Jack Trout
James McTaggart, Peter Kontes, and Michael Mankins
Kjell Nordstrom

Military Strategy Gurus

Military and Political Strategy Gurus - Complete
Carl von Clausewitz - On War
Sun Tzu - The Art of War
Khalid Ibn al-Walid The Greatest Arab General
Pincer movement or double envelopment
Khalid Ibn al-Walid Quotes


Business Strategy Seminars - Complete
The ABC of Negotiation Keynote Presentation
Business Strategy Workshop
Strategy Keynote Address
War Room Strategizing


Strategy & Negotiation Consulting Services


Strategy & Negotiation Presentation Videos - Complete
Osama El-Kadi in Action Videos
The Art of War - Complete Narration in Sound & Music
Michael E. Porter Videos
Tom Peters Videos

Negotiation Q & A

Negotiation Q & A - Complete

The 36 Thirty Six Strategies

The Thirty Six Strategies - Complete
The Six Winning Strategies
The Six confrontation Strategies
The Six Attack Strategies
The Six Chaos Strategies
The Six Advance Strategies
The Six Desperate Situations Strategies

The Art of Strategy

The Art of Strategy - Complete
The Art of Strategy - Part One
The Art of Strategy - Part Two
The Art of Strategy - Part Three
The Art of Strategy - Part Four
The Art of Strategy - Part Five

Strategy History

Strategy History - Complete
Strategy Definition and Fundamentals
In Search for Strategy Principles
Relation between strategy and tactics
Strategy Development
Frederick the Great 18th Century Warfare Strategy
Strategic Leadership
Napoleon Warfare Strategy

Strategy Stories

Strategy Stories - Complete
Napoleon Lessons for Google & Microsoft
Coincidences That Made Google Successful

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