The Mighty Secret of Power & Wealth

Throughout the Ages

By Osama El-Kadi 2009

Whoever designed this "Human" system made sure from the outset that the few will conquer and the majority will be conquered and controlled.

This design is the mighty secret of power and wealth throughout the ages.

Secret of power and wealth from Easy Strategy

The designer made sure that there will be rulers and ruled, few rich and the majority are poor, few oppressors and the rest are victims, few winners and most are losers in every field of human endeavour.

One grace must be given to the designer however; She was not discriminate or favoured one race against another or one individual against another.

She took her share of glory, but left the door open for others, if and only if they cracked the code and learned this secret of power and wealth.

How This Design Works

Every human posses two brains. The right brain, the left-brain and what connect them together. These are the principle players in this fascinating design.

Like a computer storage system. The right brain has simple processing power or very primitive processing ability. The right brain, controls and store huge amount of raw data ready to be retrieved and acted upon when triggered by an external stimuli i.e. life's situations.

The other brain, the left-brain that we sometimes mistakenly call the "logical" brain is the conscious brain of an individual. As in computers, it is the central processing unit of an individual.

This left-brain unlike the right one has no storage of data of its own. What it has, is loads of powerful circuits and processing capability that can be trained to form the conscious Mind of an individual.

The left-brain when trained or "awakened" correctly, controls the flow of information and commands from the right brain, analyse it and conclude what appropriate action needs to be taken at any given moment.

The left-brain, untrained, becomes a tool or a "slave" to the right "unconscious" brain, simply obeying any instruction given.

The Key to The Secret of Power

The key here is in the "training" of this loose powerhouse: the left brain, that was born empty and unquestioning from the start.

Like a new computer that you purchase. Ready and powerful. But without a spam filter or any program; just the operating system which is almost like the right brain. it will process and present you with huge amount of garbage to act upon.

By an early age, the right brain in every living person would have created enough information and data for its owner. This information will create a separate "reality" for each individual to live by and base their actions upon.

The conscious brain or the left-brain is helpless without a major shock or correct education to realise the danger that exists within its system.

So... What is The Consequences

Following blindly what the right brain tells it to do, the left brain will cause the individual to rush into taking the wrong actions every time. This is a sure road to own-destruction and in the same time, the sure road to fulfilling someone else's hidden agenda or goal of power and wealth.

Conscious and powerful people know how the design works and how to use it to fulfil his own wish.

Builders of Empires

I will tell you one truth dear reader...

throughout the ages from 7000 BC starting with the Egyptian empire, then the Persian, the Greeks, the Romans, the Ottomans, the British and now the Americans, only few thousands "conscious" people among the billions that lived on this planet knew the secret of power.

Only those few people gained power and wealth from all the so called glories of our great and infamous history of civilisation.

The rest of us (right brain controlled mortals), had to live on the scraps from those powerful and mighty humans. They even though of themselves as gods at one stage or another in our glorious history.

Imagine dear reader, this secret of power and wealth that you are given a glimpse of here, been taught father to son throughout the ages. Just imagine the consequences of such secret knowledge and begin to learn this secret yourself.

You Need to Remember...

Remember, the designer didn't discriminate when he designed such a system.

The secret of power and wealth is not positive mental attitude, lateral thinking, hard working, heroism, prayers, meditation, or the like. It is simply the knowledge of how humans are designed, influenced and how to take advantage of this genius design.

Please remember, the simplest "unconscious" or "spontaneous" action that you take, cannot be in any way shape or form, your own or ever beneficial to you.

Such an "emotional" and "unconscious" actions will eventually ruin your chances of success and riches in this world. While of course,the actions that you take this way will almost certainly serve someone else's goals in life.

Your "unconscious", right brain actions are by nature emotional and lack the thinking and introspection required to make the correct decisions that benefits you.

The One Secret of Power

If there is such a thing as a ONE "secret of power and wealth" in this world, it is without a doubt the knowledge of how to control your "unconscious" right brain activities. You achieve this by training your conscious left brain to "introspect" on any action before you actually take it.

Unfortunately, this secret of power and wealth runs against what all the "gurus" of happy life and success teach us. They all want us to "trust our feelings" and act.

But we can still try and learn and not just live to simply increase the power and wealth of the mighty and powerful.

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