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It is my intentions to bring You the best strategic resources on the Web.

I feel that these resources will help you advance your strategic position in business and in Life!

Strategy Definition from easy strategy website

In my page about Strategy Elements I wrote about the nine strategic elements of Sun Tzu's the Art of War strategy that you need to understand in order to win over any challenges you face and advance your position.

The Mission, The climate, The Ground, The Leadership and The Methods

Equalling or exceeding the opponent in all of these elements will naturally and effortlessly lead you to triumph and winning in life and in business.

You will find below, links that are carefully chosen which will not only be educational but will also give you knowledge, ideas, skills and save you years of pain while searching for this illusive success secrets.

I have personally spoken to the Web Masters of these great sites and I assure you that they are all genuine and very intelligent people who desire nothing else but to help other people succeed in life.

So... please go ahead and first of all enjoy their work and get to know them.

Keep Smiling

Osama El-Kadi
Strategist and Motivational Speaker


Important Notice! The links below are NOT "affiliates" links and we DO NOT receive or give commissions from/to these Websites.

Conquering China

Conquering China

This excellent pocket-sized book is your passport to business success in China! It is crammed with bite-sized pieces of essential content — all pertinent, relevant, well-written, to-the-point, and easy to understand. Take it on the airplane to read, and skim it before every key meeting.

The Ultimate Source for Self Understanding! from 2KnowMyself

Ready for the Change?

In 2KnowMySelf you will find both personal development and self-understanding articles that are strongly interrelated. By reading through 2knowmyself you will be able to succeed in life, achieve your goals, increase your motivation, become self-confident, have more control over your life, have superior communication skills, develop emotional balance, and generally lead a happier life.

Accounting and Business Consulting in Egypt

Accounting and Business Consulting in Egypt

One of Egypt's top Accounting Firms, El-Gazzar & Abu-Elenien is a major independent partnership and one of Egypt's fastest growing business consulting firms in the last ten years, with offices in both Cairo and Alexandria.

Self Help Motivation Source

Self Help Motivation Source

Self-Help articles and information, motivating and inspiring you to give life your very best.

Reach your short term and long term goals, whether they are self improvement, over coming anxiety or depression, speed reading or body language.

Your personal and business goals are within reach, you just need a little motivation.

What Makes up a Millionaire Mind Set and How Can the Knowledge be Applied to Our Own Life

Millionaire Mind Set Training

Here is a great Website on best ideas to become Rich. In this Website you will learn not only the "Millionaire Mind Set" but a great deal more:

Quote “Today's average 50 year old has only $2,300 saved towards their Retirement. J. Urcivoli, Sr VP Merrill Lynch”

On this site we have information for students career salary how to get the highest paid work and the most demanded jobs.

Global Career Solutions

Global Career Solutions
Global Career Solutions Store

Global Career Solutions provides clients with immediate access to quality and affordable people development tools and services.

GCS facilitates professional and personal growth in order to enhance quality of life, boost productivity, improve interpersonal communication, and increase the retention and commitment of fulfilled top-performing employees.

From Allan Lawson: Martial Arts Secrets Revealed

Martial Arts Secrets Revealed

Our Mission

"Awakening courage, integrity and consciousness within each individual, facilitating the creation of a life of freedom and abundance." Alan Lawson

Countless fighting systems have been developed throughout the ages, practiced and honed only to finally be lost to us in the mists of time, becoming extinct not because of inferiority but because of a weak link in the chain of the generations of mankind.

A lack of eager and capable students able to recognize the value of the arts and carry them forward, or a failure of the arts’ caretakers to pass on the gift they had received, erased them from man’s consciousness, as though they had never existed.

"This material is Copyright Allan Lawson and printed with here with his written permission"

China Success Stories

China Success Stories Website

Success Stories features business, commerce, trading and other Guanxi type of news on how to be successful investing or dealing, in or with, China.

Life Purpose Discovery System

How To Find Your True Purpose in Life?!

A ship without radar can land you anywhere... if it ever lands....

Going through life without a purpose is something like that... you will end up anywhere if at all.

Once in a while a great book comes along to truly help people and show them the way to find their life purpose.

Life purpose discovery system by Mohamed Tohami is such a book and a priceless manual for discovering such a purpose in life.

I do recommend it for anyone who is serious about succeeding in life and pursuing a productive and fulfilling life.

Remember, life is short and books are too many, so if you are going to read any useful books, you better start by Tohami’s system so that you don’t waste valuable time and efforts reading irrelevant materials that will lead you no where.

I congratulate Mohamed for his fantastic efforts and strong desire to help others succeeding in life while putting together such a magnificent manual for living a successful life.

Strategic Procurement Training

Tendering for Contracts Training

"Strategic Procurement Training enables you to identify new business opportunities by preparing your company to tender for public sector and private sector contracts"

  • manage contract projects effectively and profitably
  • market products & services for contracts
  • be aware of tenders, as they are announced by the public sector
  • form new partnerships with public sector support specialists
  • improve your ROI through expert business development resources and services

Master Your Speech, Mind & Presence

Learn Public Speaking Mastery

Do you ever do public speaking, public reading, presentation or teaching? Is your success in business or life dependent on the skillful use of words?

Did you answer yes?

All should answer yes? Communication is essential from birth to death.

From birth we communicate hunger or pain by crying and delight with a gentle coo. As teens we use persuasive speech to expand our boundaries and friends.

We communicate with friends, teach our children, coworkers and sometimes a stranger in need. We persuade people to hire us in job interviews. Proposing to work or our future wife involves talking.

Even talking to just one person in public is public speaking.

Public speaking, persuasive, informative, motivational, and inspirational speaking are skills you can learn. You can master them.

One click from here and you can start learning just one skill. If you give yourself just a few minutes then you can attain Speechmastery.

Wealth Within, Self-help eBook

Wealth Within, Self-help eBook

A book written with the sole intention of empowering the reader. Learn the One Very Fundamental Principle which could dramatically turn your life around the way you want it! Discovering this principle has been a turning point in my life, I have not looked back since. I cannot put a price to this fundamental principle. In my view, it is simply astounding. Understand this concept, and then you have discovered the key to success.

This paragraph is Copyright Sharon Eiffel and printed here with her permission.

All Things Conflict Resolution and ADR

All Things Conflict Resolution and ADR

Our site is dedicated to providing you with the information and tools you need to be an informed consumer. Our mission is to promote the use of alternative dispute resolution processes and tools through information and education. Our goal is to be comprehensive, and user friendly -- providing you with information about the full range of options available to you in the conflict and alternative dispute resolution universe.

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