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Osama El-Kadi

Osama El-Kadi has a pedigree of success within UK Blue Chip Corporate companies that spans the last 3 decades.

He has successfully undertaken many disciplines within business at a senior level including sales, procurement, setting strategy and undertaking complex key commercial negotiations.

Every role that Osama El-Kadi has undertaken has delivered measurable business benefits and results back to the organisation he has been working for – this has been achieved through driving and embracing change, ensuring that the business moves with the prevailing business climate of its type and capitalises on the opportunities that have presented themselves that supported the overall and agreed business strategy.

His mastery is more than academic - His competitive skill comes from real-life experiences in reaching the top Commercial position at a FTSE30 company, together with recovering from major setbacks earlier in his career while searching for and finding the true knowledge of success.

His mastery of the Sun Tzu's the Art of War strategy which teaches a strategic system known in Chinese as bing-fa - is the martial art designed for the mind. It is a sophisticated system of advancing your position to make success inevitable, whilst avoiding conflict altogether (avoiding unnecessary cost).

This fascinating and yet compelling set of ancient secrets (which history tells us was supposed to be only for the ruling classes and the elite), is brought to life for use in the modern business world in a very understandable and practical way – delivered through motivational speeches, seminars and courses that are tailored for the business it is being delivered to – cognisant of the businesses agreed Strategy set at the board.

As a Strategy Consultant, Trainer and Motivational Speaker for Business, Osama El-Kadi reveals the Sun Tzu ancient secrets, relating it to today’s real world of business and the real competition that we all face to stay ahead.

Osama’s last role working directly for a UK Blue Chip Corporate company was as Chief Commercial Officer of Centrica plc a UK FTSE 30 Company. Whilst with Centrica, Osama developed, negotiated and successfully delivered: -

  • Major initiatives for cost savings
  • Multimillion pounds deals for a wide range of profitable business acquisitions and disposals
  • Major system integration contracts ($700million
  • )
  • The largest Corporate IT outsourcing deal in Europe in 2006 ($1.5 billion).

Today as a Motivational Speaker and Business Strategy & Negotiation Consultant, he is enjoying and embracing the change that enabled him undertake a vigorous career in training people from all over the world on Sun Tzu Strategy for success.

Osama El-kadi at Leaders in London

Keynote speech at Commercial Leaders in London

Osama’s life experiences whilst searching for the true knowledge of success has been profound and many, and have included many challenges good and bad in both his personal and business life.

Today he is enjoying training people from all over the world on Sun Tzu Strategy for success and is engaged frequently as a motivational speaker to open corporate events or as an after dinner speaker and has many examples of people and businesses that he has inspired and moved from all over the world to take actions leading to real measurable success in business.

Osama El-kadi Giving a Two Days Strategy Seminar in India

Two Days Strategy & Sun Tzu Art of War Workshop & Seminar in India

Osama El-kadi Presenting at Fujitsu Simens Annual sales Conference

Osama El-kadi Background

Born 1955 in Manchester England during his father, Professor M. El-Kadi, secondment to Manchester University from Alexandria University.

Brought up and attended university in Egypt, graduating in 1978 with BSC in Economics followed by an MA in International Business from Alexandria University.

Before establishing El-Kadi Consulting in early January 2007, Osama was the Chief Commercial Officer of Centrica Plc, who own British Gas, a UK FTSE 30 and a Fortune 500 company. Centrica is a well respected and highly regarded progressive company operating in Europe and North America.

28 year + Career within UK based blue chip corporate companies.

Starting from a Computer Analyst Programmer at NCR UK, to Chief Architect for worldwide banking systems, to General Manager Technology at the House of Fraser Group (including Harrods) through to his last position as CCO(Chief Commercial Officer) in the Centrica Plc group of companie

Osama Operates in Europe and the Middle East, from his offices in England and Egypt. He has successfully trained people in the UK, France, Holland, Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

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