New Seven Wonders of the World

Or the New Business Strategy to Sell History?

"Pictures of the Real Ancient Wonders of the World"

Ancient Wonders of The World

What New Seven Wonders of the World?

I watched with wonder how the modern world and some of its business people still making mockery of the ordinary people of poor nations and their heritage with no shame or guilt, exactly as they and their predecessors have done for hundreds of years.

We now live in an age when business people NOT having enough of selling everything they could think of to any one they could fool, to begin selling "alternative" history to the ordinary people and poor nations of the world. All in return for the temporary promise of glory and more tourists to those nations.

Those same business people are now no longer satisfied with the wealth and power they already have, instead they are now seeking great fame and glory at the expense of humanity and its great heritage.

Ancient Wonders of the World

If Antipater of Sidon, and Philon of Byzantium the original makers of the ancient seven wonders of the world lists could be remembered for thousands of years, why not those "self promoted" individuals too "they may think" and while making a bit of money too in the process.

I also watched carefully the dignified silence of the scientific community and the people who know and understand the real value of the heritage of the planet.

The researchers, who studied monuments like the great pyramid of Giza for years and others, know far better than to speak or comment on such absurdity and mockery of mankind conducted with great media coverage.

Ancient Wonders of the World

In the beginning, those people had the audacity of including the Great Pyramid of Giza in a "popular" Internet voting while claiming to protect the heritage of the world too.

I guess the English would call them "cheeky fellows".

Almost as if after years of trying and failing to "unlock" the secrets of the great Pyramid, they decided to acquire "lessor" complicated wonders they can explain and brag about.

I guess this is one way for covering up one's ignorance.

Ancient Wonders of the World

Some of the silent observers also know better than to defend such great monuments as the great Pyramid of Giza. I guess defending such a monument would by almost like defending the Sun, the Moon or the Orion belt.

Perhaps one day this organisation who conducted such a media spectacle and possibly others, could make a competition to choose a new Sun or Moon to replace the existing ones claiming that the ancients didn't know that other stars and moons exist.

That will be the day which I have no doubt will one day come, now that those business people know how to use the media and to move the "ordinary people" by the millions to their own advantage.

Ancient Wonders of the World The Great Pyramids

I hope you don't think that I am defending the great pyramid of Giza; not at all and far from it.

I certainly don't believe that the great pyramid of Giza is in need of such defending or protection what so ever, as it has stood the test of time, weather, invaders, destroyers, envious people for thousands and thousands of years, while majestically and silently keeping its "great" wonder and secrets intact for thousands of years passed and more yet to come.

I am not even belittling the magnificence of the so called "new seven wonders of the world" either, for they are truly magnificent and deserve to be named "among the other 800 sites" as heritage by a world recognised "non-for-profit" authority on the subject, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

It is only my fear that such brutal commercialisation coupled with massive greed could one day actually damage the reputation of those seven great monuments merely by being included in such a widely publicised business scheme which "Sadly" was supported by those nation's governments.

Ancient Wonders of the World

Those "naive" governments need to see the bigger picture and realise that one day they may face other demands by the same organisation to merely stay on the list, for I guess that this voting will be repeated again and again now that the organisers had the taste for some of the "glory" and "wealth" they were seeking... I hope those governments understand my meaning!!

The Egyptian Government on the other hand, (lead by Egypt's Chief of Antiquity Dr Zahi Hawwas and The Culture Minster Mr Farouk Hosni) kept its dignified composure against such commercial brutality and possible financial demands from the organisers to join the game.

Such a business game, while damaging those so called "new wonders of the world", could also lessen the importance of the other six ancient wonders of the ancient world as recorded by history 2000 years ago if not damaging the remaining 800 or so sites on the UNESCO Humanity Heritage list.

Those other six ancient wonders of the world on the other hand, are a matter of history too and not business and although they do not exist no more, their study sheds great lights on eventful periods of the life of this planet.

You wouldn't imagine one day that we vote for new leaders to replace the old ones such as Napoleon and Alexander merely because they are not with us today.. would you? But I guess, this wouldn't escape these business people imagination one day...

The Great Pyramid of Giza unlike the other six ancient wonders cannot be challenged or damaged for certain, simply because it is there to be seen, challenging the world for thousands of years to find out how it was built and by whom and why. I guess this is why it was called the greatest of all the Wonders of the World, ancient and modern.

Ancient Wonders of the World

In fact the irony of this business fiasco, is that all the newly voted Seven Wonders of the World, have all along and for a very long time been known, respected and called wonders of the world too. What is "new" and a real "wonder" if you think about it is the "packaging" and re-selling of these monuments by those "clever" business people.

The announcement of the new Seven Wonders of the World must have also left other nations saddened and disturbed about their own heritage and wonders, "temporary" losing faith about their history and uncertain about the future of their monuments and contribution to world heritage.

In fact I wonder about the role the UNESCO is playing in this saga. They seem to get it all wrong in their brief comment on this commercial fiasco. They think that by declaring these new Seven Wonders of the World that tourist will be pouring on then by the millions to see them and that may damage them.

Wow..... How could such an organisation responsible for our heritage think this way?

While I don't think that this may happen, The UNESCO Logic is not tenable. Following up their own (UNESCO) logic must conclude the opposite. Just having the income from such monuments must surly help preserve them, while reducing the income from the ones that were not chosen must surly cause their neglect and eventual demise.

But what can one say when everything in the world now is upside down and we live in the time when business leaders not only marshal armies to force business deals with other nations, They are now changing history itself to suite their business goals.

Having said this, I am certain that great nations like Greece, France England, the USA and others will not lose faith about their own heritage, wonders and contribution, no matter what lists are being compiled and sold to the people of this planet. For only "greatness" survive and the people will always find the truth for themselves.

One would hate to think that the organisers by facilitating the "scorning" of the heritage of such great nations, that their citizens would refrain one day from visiting those new seven wonders of the world!!! which would be among other consequences, a financial disaster for those developing nations and their monuments.

Surly a wondrous time for humanity and some of us are watching with great amusement and amazement..not to mention the upcoming new seven wonders of the world "for a few dollars more!"

New Seven Wonders of the World.

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