Negotiation Strategy - Part Seven

"The Outcome of this Negotiation Strategy is Winning"

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With this kind of negotiation strategy preparation, the buyer has now achieved success in this tough negotiation.

The Buyer Now has:-

  • Informed and mobilised all of the necessary company resources on his side.
  • Agreement with the stakeholders before hand on the best outcome
  • Planned and held a strategy sessions with all concerned to plan for the negotiation.

All these steps informed the strategic negotiator on the best course of action to take for this acquisition, and the best negotiation strategies to apply before the negotiation with the supplier begins.

The buyer involvement early in the process have certainly ensured the best deal possible for his company, short and long term.

Now as they say - the world is his/her "Oyster" and the buyer is fully prepared for making the deal – that is best for the company, not just for the supplier!

By Osama El-kadi 2008


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