Negotiation Strategy - Part Six

"Secondly - The Negotiation Strategy Approach"

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Let us continue our illustration of the negotiation strategy and tactics approaches in action in this case study.

Secondly - The Negotiation Strategy Approach

The negotiation strategy approach in this situation is, as you would now expect, is completely different from the tactics approach.

The Strategic Negotiator sees the bigger picture, uses the "whole brain" approach, and doesn’t wait until the company tell him/her that it has decided to buy this particular software.

The buyer is working closely from the outset with the technical department, the planners and the people who will make the decision. It never comes as a big surprise for a good buyer that the company now wants to buy something.

The buyer knows that such software will be needed and that he/she has to move now and mobilise all the required elements of the company for the acquisition long before the supplier gets a “sniff” of it.

The strategic negotiator agrees with the stakeholders on the deal brief and the wish list of the users before hand i.e. future use and requirement, upgrades, potential uses, number of users etc.

The buyer then adds to it, the commercial wish list that must include a long-term framework agreement to secure future pricing, among many other commercial wishes.

By Osama El-kadi 2008


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