Negotiation Strategy - Part Four

"A Simple Analogy From a Business Negotiation Case Study"

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Let me illustrate the negotiation strategy and tactics approaches by giving you a simple analogy from a business negotiation case study.

A large company in the UK is buying an important set of Data Base software to use as the underlying engine for all of its IT applications.

Once this software is purchased and installed, replacing it would be near impossible because of technical and financial reasons. While most IT manufacturers claim that their software is portable and easy to change, reality dictates otherwise.

The price also runs into millions of pounds with a huge yearly maintenance fees that is never ending and in fact increase every year...

The technical department satisfied itself while working with the supplier in "partnership" that the product is the best in the market and have recommended its purchase to the management.

Any half-decent buyer knows very well, that under these circumstances getting a half good deal is an up-hill struggle.

The technical department is now asking the buying organisation to begin the negotiation with the said supplier to achieve the best possible deal for the company.

Let us see in such circumstances, how the negotiating strategy and tactics approach would deal with this negotiation.


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