Negotiation Strategy - Part Three

"The Irony in the Negotiation Strategy and Tactics Approaches"

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The irony in the negotiation strategy and tactics approaches is that in order to practice what you have learned in basic negotiation training, you really need to be able to act as “street wise” in your walk and talk, or you will look like a “ready prepared meal” for lunch to your better-trained opponent.

There is irony in both negotiation approaches

Not only this, I actually believe that this basic negotiation tactics approach is a culturally inborn trait and cannot be transmitted in training courses. It is more akin to you were either born with it or you were not.

However, the bigger irony and paradox about negotiation strategy is that while it is far more complex skill and requires a greater analytical mind, it is considerably easier to learn.

It also lends itself more to studying and practicing and in some cases doesn't require face-to-face "haggling" to achieve the great outcome you desire.

Negotiation strategy skill is not a culture driven inborn skill, it is universal in its application and methods.

Let me illustrate the two negotiating approaches by giving you a simple analogy from a business negotiation case study.

By Osama El-Kadi 2008


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