Negotiation Strategy - Part Two

"The Difference Between The Negotiation Strategy Approach and The Negotiation Tactics"

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Understanding the difference between the negotiation strategy approach and the negotiation tactics approach, is a definite step in the right direction. Before you go wasting your hard earned money by plunging it into expensive courses, books and seminars on the subject that don't deliver results.

The basic negotiation skills training that currently prevail in the market place today is merely a teaching of few tactics that may help people to outsmart others, and get what they want from them regardless of the consequences.

This training is basically about "selling" a bunch of negotiating tactics to people who are eager to learn the skills fast, whilst being amused and entertained by the presenter at the same time (call me cynical, but if you look long and hard I think you will agree).

In this type of training, you learn tactics and clichés like: -

  • be assertive
  • win win
  • be prepared
  • aim high
  • be patient
  • focus on satisfaction (I like this tactic myself!)
  • don’t accept first offer (and why not if it was perfect for you/your business?)
  • don’t make large concessions (and why not if you were in a hurry?)
  • always be willing to walk away
  • and so on, and so on…

Whilst this “teaching granny to suck egg” approach to negotiation may be entertaining and fun, it certainly doesn’t give the full story, or help people develop any real and sustainable negotiation skills.

Let me assure you dear reader, having come originally from Egypt where the bargaining attitude is a way of life, and where every thing is negotiable, you will be eaten alive if you try to use any of these tactics you have learned at the type of course I have just described, when you negotiate with these people (and they don’t just reside in Egypt, I know!).

Furthermore, if you want presenters and teachers to talk to you about negotiation tactics, I can provide them to you by the sack load, from these old and great developing nations.

This type of training makes a poor excuse for not teaching negotiation strategy and put people at risk of thinking that they have now acquired this vital skill – please trust me, they really have not!

The negotiation strategy approach on the other hand is a much more complex area of knowledge and yet, once you have learned, truly understood and practiced this skill; it will yield you a far greater outcome that is both sustainable and a real life-long repeatable skill.

By Osama El-Kadi 2008


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