The Negotiation Game - Part Two

The First Golden Rule - Aim Big

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Let us discuss the First golden rule of the ABC of the negotiation game:

abc of negotiation

1) Aim Big

This is the territory of Aspiration.

Arnold Toynbee once said:

    “It is a paradoxical but profoundly true and important principle of life that the most likely way to reach a goal is to be aiming not at that goal itself but at some more ambitious goal beyond it.”

My Wife and I visited an Antique shop the other day and we fancied a great looking Victorian coffee table that was in mint condition.

The price tag was £499 and my wife was dying to buy it; the salesman noticed her "attachment" to the table and naturally wouldn’t budge on the price.

Politely, I said to him, “I am very embarrassed by this situation because all I have in my pocket is £90 pounds and no credit cards”; the sales man was shocked but appreciated my “openness” with him and said, “you couldn’t make it £200 pounds (notice the concession he immediately made).

I took my wife aside and pretended to ask her if she has any money on her; she of course new exactly what I was doing.

We went back to the salesman and I said “my wife has £20 on her” and proceeded to offer him all (he was led to believe) we had with us, which was the £110 in total. To my pleasant surprise he accepted my offer, while my wife was left pleasantly in shock.

Clearly I could give you hundreds of examples on the “Aiming Big” golden rule alone, but I am sure the above tale has enabled you to get the point.

Poor negotiators are to shy to ask or to aspire for stunning results for fear of failure. Remember you can always ask, what is the worst that could possibly happen? You get a NO; however more often than not the other party will want to continue, particularly if he saw that you were “genuine”, and also “polite”.

Try this rule when you buy a new car.

First decide which car, study the price, determine how much you will pay (the planning), then take the money in cash with you on the last day of the month and show it to the sales man “humbly” explaining that this is all you have for this beautiful car; Just don't tell him how desperate you are for the car!

By Osama El-kadi


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