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On Negotiation Approach

Negotiation Q & A By Osama el-Kadi

I understand that most textbooks like to classify negotiation into approaches i.e. collaborative, competitive etc.

Q What negotiation approach do you consider a favorite approach to start a negotiation?

A I believe that all negotiations are competitive in nature, calling a negotiation approach, collaborative, is a contradiction in terms.

However if one must have an approach to satisfy the academic world, then let us call it the positioning approach. You start by a position (hopefully strong), and you go about advancing this position systematically leading to a successful negotiation.

The positioning approach is achieved if you analyze your position according to the five elements of a strategic position beforehand (mission, climate, ground, leadership and methods).

What could be a better approach in any situation in life other than knowing your relative position to that of your competitor or your opponent.

Professionalism in any occupation requires that we know the outcome of our actions before we embark upon them. Leaving outcome to chance is a whole mark of losers and followers, never leaders and professionals.

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