Fed up of Motivational Speeches?

BY Osama El-Kadi

"Fed up?"

After spending 20 years of my working life listening to motivational speeches, attending motivational seminars and workshops on success (without notable results), a traumatic crisis in my life opened up my mind to the reality of success.

I now feel a compelling desire to share this knowledge with anyone who is seriously thinking about succeeding in life.

To share with people who know that there is something more beside, motivational speeches, positive mental attitude, voices from within or luck that is needed in order to succeed in business and in life.

I have discovered at my own expense and pain that the world around us and in particular the “motivational industry” world, conspire to put us to sleep by encouraging us on a daily basis to use our “subconscious mind” to lead us to the everlasting success in life.

This is the “use your instinct Luke” type of teachings and propaganda prevailing in the world today.

Not to mention of course the cultural doctrine of every nation that prescribes the way to success for its people.

What gets a very little attention, deliberately I may add, is the development of the “Conscious” mind as the true instrument of success in life.

When talking about the ”conscious” mind, I do not mean developing the “left” brain functionality, not at all.... I mean developing the conscious mind... The “introspective” mind.

The mind that has created its own space for thinking and for seeing results of actions before the action is committed.

The mind that verify action before commitment. The action that fits into our objectives and improve our position rather than destroying it.

The mind that Controls and guide the “subconscious” instead of the other way round. The mind that controls emotion generated by, not only the subconscious but also by the “chemical” mind of the body.

The mind that Control the emotions and the instinct of man when facing challenges in life.

Fight for flight instinctual response to challenges is the most “uncontrolled” instinct leading to failure in life for individuals, businesses and nations all over the world.

Understanding your position in any situation or any challenge in life and progressing this position over time is the only certain way of success used by enlightened and conscious people throughout the world today and in known history.

Humanity survived for 100,000 years totally on instinct provided by nature. Animals still do today.

But around three thousand five hundred years ago, humanity problems and challenges mounted and some people found that instinct and voices from the Gods alone doesn’t solve their problems or control their societies any more.

Perhaps the Thira volcanic eruption in Santorini Greece sparkled this major shift in thinking which effectively saw the seeds for the end to the “bicameral” mind while hailing the dawn of the conscious mind for the first time.

That does not mean that humanity today is full of “conscious” people... not at all....

It means that the successful and powerful people, who naturally control others, are conscious and understand their position in life and how to progress this position leading them to wealth and power.

At the same time some of those same people are working hard to put the rest of humanity back to sleep by new doctrines and methods to maintain the same old control of the voices of the Gods.

Ever since this eruption and every now and again a Soul is awakening to this truth. He or she marches on to success and to leave a legacy in life while living a comfortable and successful life indeed.

One of those Enlightened Souls was Sun Tzu. An Army General who 2600 years ago in China created the master treaty of success in life, in War and in business...

Sun Tzu the Art of War Strategy.

The man thought to teach “The Elite” of his society and whoever wishes to listen, the true art of success using the conscious mind..

He discouraged wars and conflicts and bloodshed while proclaiming that:

to win one hundred fights in one hundred battles is not the supreme skill, to win by bending your opponent strategy is the highest of skill”.
Sun Tzu went on to formulate a complete “conscious” art of winning without fighting.... The Art of Strategy........

The great General Sun Tzu basically discovered a "loophole" in Nature.

He discovered the art of strategy that enables the weak to triumph over the strong. Man against man or even man against nature.

Hence his treaty was only available throughout history to the ruling classes of China and not to the ordinary people like you and me.

When this art of strategy treaty was first translated in the west by a French scholar, it landed at the hand of a French soldier, and he loved and studied carefully. He went on to conquer Europe....

His name was Napoleon.

I read so many biographies of successful people all over the world, and found nothing related to NLP or PMA that led them to success.

What I found was one of two things, either Sun Tzu wisdom was mentioned explicitly or that their strategies and tactics for success were all derived from this famous treaty.

Sun Tzu's success strategy had two basic issues to explain and to resolve:

  • First, what is "position"?
  • Second, how to "advance that position"?

Sun Tzu the Art of War teaches a strategic system known in Chinese as Sun Tzu bing-fa.

It is a sophisticated system of advancing position to make success inevitable while avoiding conflict all together.

From there onward my progress in the last 10 years was stunning.

From there onward, challenges and change were my source of gaining new ground and achieving more success in life.

Self-discipline and thinking "introspectively" and "consciously" before any challenge were keys to progress in life and better decisions every day.

Clausewitz dismissed "geometry" as an insignificant factor in strategy, believing instead in the Napoleonic concept of victory through battle and destruction of the opposing force, at any cost. However, he also recognized that limited warfare could influence policy by wearing down the opposition through a "strategy of attrition".

In contrast to Clausewitz, Antoine-Henri Jomini dealt mainly with operational strategy, planning & intelligence, the conduct of the campaign, and "generalship" rather than "statesmanship".

He proposed that victory could be achieved by occupying the enemy's territory rather than destroying his army. As such, geometric considerations were prominent in his theory of strategy. Jomini's two basic principles of strategy were to concentrate against fractions of the enemy force at a time and to strike at the most decisive objective.

One notable exception to Napoleon Warfare strategy of annihilation and a precursor to trench warfare were the Lines of Torres Vedras during the Peninsular campaign.

French Armies lived off the land and when they were confronted by a line of fortifications which they could not out flank, they were unable to continue the advance and were forced to retreat once they had consumed all the provisions of the region in front of the lines.

The Peninsular campaign was notable for the development of another method of warfare, which went largely unnoticed at the time, but would become far more common in the 20th century.

That was the aid and encouragement the British gave to the Spanish to harass the French behind their lines, which led them to squander most of the assets of their Iberian army in protecting the army's line of communications.

This was a very cost effective move for the British, because it cost far less to aid Spanish insurgents than it did to equip and pay regular British army units to engage the same number of French troops.

As the British army could be correspondingly smaller it was able to supply its troops by sea and land without having to live off the land as was the norm at the time.

Further, because they did not have to forage they did not antagonise the locals and so did not have to garrison their lines of communications to the same extent as the French did. Therefore, the strategy of aiding their Spanish civilian allies in their guerrilla or 'small war' benefited the British in many ways, not all of which were immediately obvious.

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