Motivational Articles
Inspired by Sun Tzu the Art of War

Motivational Articles

The One Law of Success Since Time Began!
the big time success and achievement will never come if one doesn't understand the one law of success that have existed since man appeared on this planet...

The ancient Forbidden Knowledge of Success?
We seldom hear about success strategy skills training as a tool for achieving great success in life. We only hear about positive mental attitude, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Lateral thinking, spirituality, meditation and success training of all sorts.

The Mighty Secret of Power and Wealth
Whoever designed this "Human" system made sure from the outset that the few will conquer and the majority will be conquered and controlled.

How to become the Chief Executive- Part One
In my articles, I usually start from the beginning of a success journey in life. This time I decided to go deeper and start from the end of the Journey and define success itself.

How to become the Chief Executive- Part Two
We now need to delve deeper into analysing our strategic position before we proceed into the specific strategies to advance that position leading to such a position.

How to become the Chief Executive- Part Three
In the last two parts we discussed the two steps required; Analysing your strategic Position and second Advancing that position. Part three deals with the second element of analysing your strategic position.

How to become the Chief Executive- Part Four
In this part we will discuss "the Ground" element of your strategic position. The ground is where you compete with others.

The Power if the Unconscious Mind? I Do not Think So...
Never let anyone leads you into believing that Positive Mental Attitude, Transcendental meditation, NLP, the Power of the Unconscious mind or success affirmations are all that you need to know in order to succeed in life.

Fed up of Motivational Speeches?
After spending 20 years of my working life listening to motivational speeches and attending motivational seminars and workshops on success, without notable results, a traumatic crisis in my life opened up my mind to the reality of success.

Shallow lesson of business books by John Kay
The mistake both authors and publishers of business books make is to confuse a book about “what I did” with a book about “how to do it”.

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