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Marvin Zonis on Globalisation from Strategy GurusMarvin Zonis is a Professor at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago.

At Chicago's Business School, Zonis teaches courses on Leadership, International Political Economy. Marvin Zonis is a leading strategy guru on the intersection of economics, technology and politics

Marvin Zonis shares insights on leadership, political affairs and economics for a concise, comprehensive and intelligent analysis on the economic outlook over the decade.

Getting Globalization, Expansion & Investment Right: Identifying The Economic Outlook For Key Regions & Economies

Despite September 11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economic slowdowns of past years, globalization is alive and well and booming. However, businesses need to recognise that economic and political developments in one country can have far-reaching effects on another.

"In a world where local markets are increasingly interconnected, events in one small country can easily snowball to have a worldwide impact"

To determine where they should commit their investments in the global economy, businesses need to assess the prospects of countries for political stability and economic growth. Making better country bets offers the best prospects for prospering in the global economy.

Zonis' set of 15 principles for "getting globalization right," include estimates of leadership succession, core industry developments, external threats and many others to help businesses make more effective assessments of country and regional prospects.

Getting To The Future: fifteen Forces Transforming The World.

Powerful forces are at work that will transform the world within this decade. 'according to Zonis, Technology is on an exponential growth curve. Market reforms are deepening.

Many governments are losing power in the spread of democracy or to supra-national organizations, companies, and non-governmental organizations.

Powerful demographic trends have resulted in fewer births everywhere but especially in the rich countries and in dramatically ageing populations.

Many of these forces are recognized. However, their extraordinary power is not. They will transform the context in which businesses operate and businesses must recognize and respond to them if they are to be successful.

Hear from Zonis how he thinks these 15 forces are going to affect both local and global economies and prospects for business.

Global Politics, Global Economics: What You Aren't Seeing On International News

Globalization (and events like the Iraq War) makes understanding the political economies of distant countries more important than ever. According to Zonis, globalization 'hype' has obscured a few basic truths that political stability and economic growth are usually determined on the local level and that they are most affected by local institutions, leadership, corruption, and other such factors.

Repeatedly, investors and foreign policymakers have been hurt because they failed to understand the unique local dynamics at work in a particular country or region.

"fifteen very useful principles of how countries work, so you can invest in a country with your eyes wide open. Only by knowing the contingencies in a given country can you hope to manage business risks, protect assets, and produce the ROI that justifies global business ventures."

One lesson of September 11 is that the small stories, of national politics, regional economics, and local struggles, cannot be overlooked.

Factors like political corruption or ethnic conflicts can undermine both local and global prospects for the economy. However, they can be countered by strong leadership and stable institutions.

In order to "do globalization better," business leaders need to recognize the importance of local political dynamics. Zonis gives insights into what is really happening behind the scenes that could have a dramatic impact on the global economic outlook.

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