The One Universal Law of Success Since Time Began!

One can argue that success doesn't mean the accumulation of wealth or power, but that success only means good health, satisfaction, freedom, and so on and so forth. While these achievements are certainly worth while, and great, this article is not for those that would argue that point.

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This article deals with what is commonly understood as success in life. In this case, success is defined as the accumulation of wealth and power, be it in business, trade, politics, sports, arts, science or whatever endeavor you may have chosen in life.

te law od success

One can reach moderate success, and secure oneself and family by working hard, and possibly by learning to use one success tool or another to achieve it.

One can learn positive mental attitude, NLP, read books, study hard, and even learn to use the mighty tool of strategy to progress one's position in life.

But the big time success and achievement will never come if one doesn't understand the one law of success that has existed since man appeared on this planet.

The Law of Sponsorship

Now, the tragedy of this law is that someone could perhaps be dumb, thick and undeserving and yet achieve great wealth and power in life. WHY? because he or she has that one sponsor, or even many who took him/her under their wings.

Learning all the tools and acquiring all the knowledge to succeed in life, may or may not help you to achieve it, but by having this one law operating on your side, you are certain to succeed no matter what skills and tools you posses, and hence I call it Law.

This one law of success doesn’t diminish the value of learning some success tools, especially strategy. These tools and knowledge will certainly help you keep this wealth and grow it once you acquire it.

Even when you have a sponsor and do reach a great position in life, without these tools, skills and the knowledge it will be impossible to maintain your position or continue to sponsor others who will carry your own legacy and deeds further. Usually the law of sponsorship works both ways.

law of success

The meaning of Sponsorship is deep and complex, but let's talk about it for a bit and I hope you will get my meaning and learn this big time law of success from what is written especially what is between the lines!

A sponsor is usually a person who is in a more advanced and in a more powerful position than you are. A sponsor could be a person, an organisation or even the people of a particular nation who rally behind a leader who seems to offer them hope and change.

The mightiest of all sponsors that will lead you straight to the history books, is the combination of all the above sponsors.

When these sponsors; a powerful person or persons, an organisation or few of them and the people of a nation, come together they create leaders of nations such as presidents of the USA and prime minsters of the United Kingdom.

In a less democratic countries the army as a sponsor organisation is enough to bring leaders such as "Than Shwe" of Burma into power.

The Military Dictator of Burma

Having said this, people's powers doesn’t come first in the hierarchy of sponsors, it needs to be triggered by a person or an organisation first.

For the rest of us in our daily lives, it is almost impossible to reach big time success in the business we are in without the sponsorship of someone who is more powerful than we are and who happens to believe in us and also like us.

For someone or some group to believe in us doesn't come without a price, this person or group will only believe in you or me because he or she saw us as an extension of his/her own legacy, power and wealth in one way or another.

law of success

Please do not confuse a sponsor with your manager, director, parents, father, mother, community leader or somebody similar. While they may be as good as any other "sponsor", a true sponsor is a person or an organisation that feels you are someone to be trusted, loyal, able to maintain confidentiality, and that you will serve their purpose if they sponsor you.

law of success

I do believe that this law of sponsorship is one of the most persistent human conditions for success and survival since man has inhabited this planet.

Man has undergone many changes in mentality throughout the ages; from animal mentality, bicameral mentality, to conscious mentality; immigrated, moved, invented and evolved, except with one thing remaining the same; the desire to be saved, in other words, the desire to sponsor someone, or something, or to be sponsored by someone or something.

Look around you everywhere in the world and throughout out history, you will find that this fundamental human condition that I call Law, exists and works without fail in every culture, nation and location.

This law may be more obvious in an underdeveloped country, but certainly works as well, albeit in subtle ways in the developed world.

law of success

If a little boy in an under-developed country who wants to become a carpenter or a mechanic; unless a "master" of one of these professions takes him under his wing for a few good years, the boy doesn't stand a chance to become one regardless of his abilities or hard work.

This master will not take him under his wing unless he sees benefits to himself, mentally and physically; the boy must be obedient, loyal, subservient, and energetic while blindly believing in his master, or someone else will take his place at the master's workshop.

The principle is no different in the business and political world today. The world in which we all struggle to fit in and succeed.

I challenge anyone to find me one chief executive officer of a major company, anywhere in the world, or even a director of a company of any size, who reached that position without having a sponsor, or a number of them to push him to where he is today, regardless of his ability and skills.

In the Affairs of Nations

law of success

Similar fates happens in the affairs of nations. Presidents and Prime Minsters don't happen because they have good skills or really care for their nations. While they may do care, still, they reach these positions because someone sponsored them to carry on their own legacy or their deeds into their presidency or premiership.

Of Being Independent!

Being "independent" in any sphere of life from the dawn of time until today must have been the cause of death and conquering of many ideas, bright people and nations throughout the history of man.

Independence simply is a curse befalling the "uninitiated" and the "ignorant", which leads them to their graves before their natural times have come.

Independence is an ILLUSION to separate the "initiated" from the crowd and the winners from the losers.

Even in the most sacred sanctuary of man; the family; a loyal wife will survive, a loyal son will inherit, and a loyal daughter will be cherished and contrary to that will not survive and will perish.

Being Enlightened

By knowing, feeling and understanding this law you become enlightened. You now know that there is no escape from this natural law of success. Even by becoming a priest or a monk, you will not survive for long if you do not have a sponsor among the hierarchy of your faith.

You do however, have a choice and your choice will be whether to be sponsored by a good or a bad master.

law of success

The same applies in business, politics, science, art, sports and even in the animal kingdom. This is how things are and we will not change it, or we will be attempting to change the fabric of our own existence in this universe.

law of success

You May Wish to Ask!

Why do I call this success phenomenon, law?

Simply because it works without fail every time when the conditions are right. The conditions are; a true sponsor and the right attitude from you.

How would you go about finding a sponsor?

The answer is simple. You only need to believe in this one and only mighty law of success, adapt to it and open your eyes; the sponsor will come to you. put another way: "When the student is ready, the sponsor will come."

Does this apply to business organisations too?

In the business world, some organisations have developed fantastic products, got the best sales people on board, created great campaigns in order to succeed in selling their services to other companies, yet failed, and collapsed for only one reason, the lack of understanding of this single most powerful law of success, the law of sponsorship.

Some more enlightened companies including management consulting firms and advertising agencies in particular understood the law of sponsorship perfectly well and developed their business and selling models based solely on this law.

They only engage in bidding or selling to other organisations if they have acquired the right insider sponsor within the buying organisation. These are truly enlightened and flourishing organisations with unbelievable wealth and power.

law of success

Is this law of success mentioned in any of the famous litterateurs on success and if not, why?

The answer is NO it is not mentioned anywhere in the history of writing. Because of another simple explanation. People who wrote the most important litterateurs on success such as "Think and Grow Rich" or "The 48 Laws of Power" were in reality operating within the law itself and in no way could they freely brag about it or they may be considered disloyal.

Napoleon Hill was sponsored fully, and for many years by Andrew Carnegie the Scottish-born American industrialist and businessman. His only success was writing the book that Carnegie fully sponsored. This book singlehandedly, created the whole success industry whithin the last fifty years or more, and with it the positive mental attitude industry.

48 Laws of power

Robert Greene on the other hand in his magnificent book “the 48 laws of power” touched very lightly on this law but never really articulated it.

Greene in his first law of power “Never outshine the Master” didn’t explain how to acquire this master in the first place.

To never outshine a master is a matter of learning other tools of success, such as strategy, PMA, NLP and the 48 laws of Power itself and so on.

On reflection, one can save years and years of reading and practicing the art of success if one simply understood and pondered upon this single law of success; the law of Sponsorship.

What does a sponsor look for in choosing who to sponsor?

For a starter, and at best, the sponsor will be looking for a person who will carry on with his own legacy, and at worst a person who will extend his power and wealth. In some cases a sponsor will look for the one who inevitably looks like him or her, and will not outshine him, and who exhibits loyalty, obedience and servitude.

So, now you know the law. Get on with it. You may even do some good when you acquire power & wealth.

I will of course elaborate more on this law and will give examples to prove it as I go along, so keep visiting this website and you will not be disappointed.

Osama El-Kadi 2010


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