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"People should not be unfamiliar with strategy,
Those who understand it will survive,
Those who do not understand it will perish"

Sun Tzu's the Art of War

At this very moment, hundreds of thousands of people and a growing number of companies all over the world are studying and applying Sun Tzu's Art of War Strategies in business, politics, negotiation and in life.

Why. Because they know that learning the Art of War strategies holds the secrets to their future success.

In China, Sun Tzu's Art of War strategy created the most enduring empire in human history. When his classic was first translated for Westerners, it showed Napoleon how to conquer Europe.

Gradually, this success knowledge spread through the military world and then to the business and political world.

People who studied and practiced Sun Tzu's the Art of War treaty built today’s largest and most powerful companies, dynasties and nations: Oracle, Microsoft, Google, USA, UK, France, Germany and Japan to mention but a few powers.

I know you are busy, so all my Articles here are hands-on and, no-nonsense. Moreover, they get results!

There are enough articles, tips, techniques, and resources here to turn you into a skilled and successful strategist overnight, and I am adding more all the time.

Osama El-Kadi

"In life you don't get what you deserve,
you get what you strategies for"

Thank you for visiting my Website.

Osama El-Kadi
Strategist and Motivational Speaker
Former Chief Procurement Officer Centrica Plc (a British FTSE 30 Company)

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Strategy Articles For Business & Politics
Read great Negotiation Business Politics Strategy Articles on Sun Tzu the Art of War Strategy, history, what is strategy, business, negotiation and sales application
The Art of Strategy According to Sun Tzu
In this section, we are going to go into Sun Tzu the Art of Strategy in a way that makes it easier to analyze your specific competitive situation in your company
Strategy History, Fundamentals, Principles and Development
Strategy History and Definition: In business, the science or the art of employing sales, technology, operations and other resources of the organisation to achieve the objectives of the business!
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Your A to Z Complete guide to Management and Business Strategy gurus in one place
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The A to Z Guide to Military Strategy Gurus and Masters From Sun Tzu to Present day
Motivational Articles Inspired by Sun Tzu the Art of War
These motivational articles will give you tips, techniques and skills on everything from meaning of strategy to business application: negotiation, sales, leadership, management and application
The Thirty Six Strategies are Tactics Used in Psychological Warfare.
The Thirty Six Strategies are a unique collection of ancient Chinese proverbs that describe some of the most cunning and subtle strategies ever devised by man. .
Read Business Strategy Stories from all over the world!
Business Strategy Stories from every corner of the globe. See how the magic of strategy works by life examples and stories
Motivational Speaker for Business Success Utilising Sun Tzu the Art of War
Established as one of the world's top motivational speakers on Sun Tzu the Art of War for business, Osama El-Kadi both commands the attention of an audience and captures its imagination
Easy Strategy Seminars®The Best Strategy & Negotiation Training
Easy Strategy Seminars®;, The Best Sun Tzu Art of war Strategy Training in the World, in Business, Sales and Negotiation
Sun Tzu Strategy Seminars - Art of War in Business, Sales & Negotiation
Sun Tzu Strategy Seminars ™ The best strategy Presentation in the world for business, sales and negotiation based on Sun Tzu Art of War from El-Kadi Consulting
Negotiation Strategies Consulting: Sun Tzu the Art of War in Business
El-Kadi Consulting delivers innovative strategy consulting with a real difference, specialists in the application of Sun Tzu the Art of War in business, negotiation and sales
Negotiation Dialogue With a Harvard PhD Student
In here you will find answers to the most complex negotiation questions and the answers by our expert.
War Room Strategy Workshop for Business: Sun Tzu’s the Art of War application
This War Room strategy workshop is exciting, enlightening and relevant. Your company position is analysed and rated as to whether to challenge or not to challenge!
Strategy Videos in Business, Negotiation and in Life - Will Change your Life!
Strategy Videos by the world's top negotiator and Sun Tzu Art of War Expert.
Read latest Business Articles from MegPortal
In here you will get daily fresh business articles from MegPortal. These business articles will be updated daily from the best magazine websites on the web.
Why Build a Website When you Can Build an e-Business
You may be wondering how I (as a non-techie manager) managed to put together aan e-business website, a newsletter, product sales and - the most important thing - attracting visitors!
Business and Life Strategy Books Carefully Selected
These business and life strategy books to recommend to you, are probably the best that is written on this subject
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Business Strategy Guide - Ask the Expert any Question and he Will Guide FREE!!
This business strategy guide is for YOU to ask the question and for me to do my best to answer, guide and assist you in your situation.
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In the "Easy Strategy" newsletter I'll update you on new strategy articles, tips and techniques quarterly
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Contact Osama El-kadi - Motivational Speaker Sun Tzu Strategy & Negotiation
Osama El-Kadi is gifted motivational speaker, Strategy & Negotiation expert specialist in utilising Sun Tzu the Art of War strategies in business, sales, buying, and negotiation and in life.
Osama El-Kadi - Sun Tzu Art of War Strategist Motivational Speaker for Business
Osama El-Kadi both commands the attention of an audience and captures its imagination. Established as one of the country top professional speakers.
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Sun Tzu Strategy Gurus and Masters A to Z Guide
Sun Tzu Strategy Gurus and Masters A to Z guide.
ABC of Negotiation - The Three Golden Rules - Keynote By Osama El-Kadi
Using these ABC of negotiation rules, you will understand strategic negotiation analysis, the progress cycle for advancing negotiating position, situational response, creative momentum, and much more.
The One Universal Law of Success Since Time Began!
The big time success and achievements will never come if one doesn't understand the one law of success that have existed since man appeared on this planet, read more...
What is Your Strategic Position? If You Don't know it., Then it is All Lost!
You have a strategic position in every challenge you face... if you do not know it.. then it is simply a position swinging in the air with no hope of success or advance
Carl Von Clausewitz Wrote a Systematic, Philosophical examination of war
Clausewitzwork is still studied today, demonstrating its continued relevance for today.
American Election Strategy - The Opportunity for the Americans to Be Loved Again
the Best American Election Strategy is to Elect the President who will restore the love and respect they lost three years ago.
The Art of Strategy - Part Two - Sun Tzu 's Strategy is a Vital Skill
Sun Tzu's Art of War begins This is the Art of Strategy,It is the most important skill in the Nation, In Situation of Life and death
Gary Hamel and Prahalad From Business Strategy Gurus A to Z
Gary Hamel and Prahalad Hamel and Prahalad offer a masterful blueprint for what a company must be doing today if it is to occupy the competitive high ground of tomorrow.
Become a Chief Executive - Part One - The Strategy
Becoming the chief executive of any company anywhere in the world is a great earthly success in life by any standard. Such a position, gives financial security and society recognition.
Grand Strategy in Business By a The Master strategist at BP
companies are in any way comparable to great nations. They aren't, and that's why companies don't talk in the language of grand strategy.
ABC of The Negotiation Game - The Three Golden Rules to Become a Negotiator Now!
In any Negotiation Game, these three golden rules are really what matter for stunning results in the game.
The Ground - Part Four: How to Become Chief Executive
The Ground is part four of How to Become the Chief Executive series of articles. In this part, we will discuss the third element of your strategic position.
Negotiation Strategy or Just Tactics: What do They Really Teach You?
There are two negotiation approaches prevailing in the world today, but unfortunately only one is more widely spread; especially in the negotiation training circles
Negotiation & Business Strategy Workshop Based on Sun Tzu Art of War
Business Strategy Workshop for Senior Executives
McTaggart Kontes Mankins On Value Based Management
McTaggart Kontes Mankins reveal their powerful new framework for the systematic, day-to-day management of shareholder value.
The One Move That Will End The Credit Crisis!
This entire crisis started because 9% of house owners in the USA are defaulting on repayments. Not because they are out of work, but simply because they have taken more loans than they can repay.
The Art of Strategy - Part Three - Two Basic Issues Encapsulate Sun Tzu Treaty
Two Basic Issues Encapsulate Sun Tzu Art of War Treaty. What is your Position and how to advance that position leading to stunning winning
The Art of War Videos - Narrated with Music and Pictures By Michael Scott
Great Narration of Sun Tzu The Art of War Treaty by Michael Scott, These art of war videos are great and worth watching as an introdcution to the famous Sun Tzu Strategy Treaty
What is Strategic? - From Easy-Strategy.Com
After formulating our strategy using our strategic planning method, any move we makes, in marketing, sales, HR or military, become strategic or tactical depending on its fit with the strategy
Corporate Strategy and Grand Strategy Cannot get any Easier!
Corporate Strategy to an organisation is the Grand Strategy to a Nation. It is the Glue that binds the organisation together and set the guidance and principles for the rest of the functions...
How Would Sun Tzu Advise Obama Now? 12 September 2008
Both presidential candidates, Obama and McCain have a strategic position that is changing every day with the change in the mood of the nation, One candidate will win the election if...
Igor Ansoff the father of Strategic management From A to Z Strategy Gurus
Igor Ansoff was recognized worldwide as the Pioneer and Father of Strategic Management. He was the first management strategy guru to recognize the need for strategic planning for firms.
Become the Chief Executive - Part Two - The Mission
In part two of how to become the chief executive, we will deal with the first element of determining our strategic position, The Mission.
Chaos Strategies for Confused Situations from the Thirty Six Strategies of China
From the Six Chaos Strategies of China, Catch a fish while the water is disturbed
Advance Strategies, Gaining ground from the thirty six strategies of China
Advance Strategies for gaining ground over an opponent, Replace the beams with rotten timbers
The Six Attack Strategies From the Thirty Six Strategies of China
The Six Attack Strategies, Defeat the enemy by capturing their chief
What is Strategic Thinking Exactly and What is The Fuss All About?
Trying to decipher the meaning of Strategic Thinking from the gurus books, takes you into the jungles of an intellectual pursuits that will end up making you feel not so clever after all, But wait!
Career Planning to Help You Become a Class Act By Carol Lewis
your career planning will benefit from strategic thinking, and we are not talking about deciding who you need to elbow out of the way on your route to the top.
Shallow lesson of business books by John Kay
The mistake both authors and publishers of business books make is to confuse a book about what I did with a book about how to do it.
The Art of Listening and Leadership, Bill Clinton Shows the Way
Talking about he Art of Listening and Leadership: I must tell you about a great story that taught me so much about the Art of Listening and Leadership in one minute.
Coincidences That Made Google Successful by Jawad Shuaib
I have a theory; for something to be successful a large series of coincidences must sum up exactly least, such was the case with companies such as Microsoft and Google.
Five Strategic Planning Elements of Sun Tzu Art of War Strategy
Using Sun Tzu Art of War Strategic Planning System you will in five easy steps create your strategy in one day.
Business Strategy of The Global Fortune 500 Companies, The Real One!
What most companies declare as their business strategy is not so. What they do declare is their objectives goals and mission while calling it business strategy.
Art of Strategy - Part Four - Sun Tzu on Analysing Your Position
Art of Strategy, Leaders should not be unfamiliar with these Five. Those who understand them will triumph.Those who do not understand them will be defeated
Business Negotiation Skills? Are they Neglected By Major Companies?
Companies are involved in one kind of business negotiation or another, yet it seems companies generally pay little attention to developing excellent negotiators. What are the potential drawbacks?
The Six Confrontation Strategies from the 36 Strategies of China
The Six Confrontation strategies, Enemy Dealing Strategies from China, Create something from nothing
Clayton Christensen The World's Leading Expert On Disruptive Innovation
Clayton Christensen a professor of Business Administration at Harvard 'Business School, Clayton Christensen is world-renowned for his theories of disruptive innovation
desperate situations strategies from the 36 Strategies of China
desperate situations strategies, When the enemy is superior in numbers and your situation is such that you expect to be overrun at any moment, then drop all pretence of military preparedness and act..
Al Ries and Jack Trout From the A to Z Business Strategy Gurus and Masters
Al Ries and Jack Trout A product's position is how potential buyers see the product. Positioning is expressed relative to the position of competitors
Strategy Definition & Fundamentals Plus Origin of the Word
Strategy Definition The means by which objectives are consciously pursued and obtained over time.
Henry Mintzberg From Business Strategy Gurus A to Z
Henry Mintzberg writes prolifically on the topics of management and business strategy, with more than 140 articles and thirteen books to his name
The Nine Strategy Elements of Sun Tzu the Art of War
Most people instinctual response to challenge is fight or flight, the strategy elements explained here, teaches us something totally opposite.
Blue Ocean Strategy From Business Strategy Gurus A to Z
Strategy Gurus A to Z. Blue Ocean Strategy is a corporate strategy and bestselling business book written by Professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, of INSEAD.
The Anmerican Election is being played by the Book of Sun Tzu The Art of War
What Role is The 2500 BC General Sun Tzu Playing in the American Election Today?
Pay off the Home Loans, NOT Buy Out the Bad Debts!
I advised the US Government to pay off the defaulting mortgage loans in full and own the physical assets till the owners can manage the “more Humane” rescheduled repayments.
Disruptive Innovation & Sun Tzu the Art of War Wisdom on
What is Sun Tzu to do with a modern competitive theory such as the theory of Disruptive Innovation? Sun Tzu Said: "They attack when the opponent is unprepared and appear where they least expected"
The Art of Strategy - Part Five - The Advance Cycle
We complete this Art of Strategy machine by adding its moving parts. These four parts are designed to find and exploit opportunities in the situation and advance your position.
Sun Tzu the Art of War Chapter One interpretation, explanation by Osama El-Kadi
Sun tzu the Art of war chapter one interpretation and explanation by Osama El-Kadi. A practitioner and an expert on the treaty.
Khalid ibn al-Walid The Great Arab General From Military Strategy Gurus A to Z
Khalid ibn Walid was from the Meccan tribe of Quraish, who opposed Muhammad, and he played a vital role in their victory at the Battle of Uhud. He accepted Islam, however, and joined Muhammad
Art of Strategy - Part One: Perspective on the writing of Sun Tzu's Treaty
To give you some Perspective on the context in which Sun Tzu's the Art of Strategy was written, we are starting 2,500 years.
Cheap Country Sourcing - New Game in Town or Most Ancient Practice on Earth
Cheap country sourcing is not a new game in town for purchasing to brag about, it is in fact the oldest game in town since all empires in history were built and motivated by finding new cheaper s
IT Contracts Negotiation, Who Leads?
Leading the IT contracts negotiation in the majority of cases however, should be left entirely to trained commercial negotiators. Lawyers should be important members of the negotiating team but...
Frederick the Great and the 18th Century Warfare Strategy
In Prussia of the mid-18th century, however, circumstances compelled Frederick the Great to try a new and aggressive approach and to break through the accepted military pattern of the day.
Kenichi Ohmae From Business Strategy Gurus A to Z
Kenichi Ohmae is one of the world's leading business and corporate strategists. He is known as Mr. Strategy and has developed the 3C's Model.
Egyptian Revolution: Politicians Lack of Thinking Power
Why egyptian politicians are always fond of the two options scenario and nothing else?
Egyptian Revolution: Why are we so Scared?
Why are we so Scared of the Old Regime (El-Watany Party?)
Egyptian Revolution: Voting Yes or No is Neither a High Treason Nor Against God!
Watching and listening to the many debates for and against the suggested constitutional amendments send shivers down my spine and quite frankly make me not want to go to vote at all. At the same time