Voting “Yes” or “No” is Neither a High Treason Nor Against God's Laws.

Osama Mahmoud El-Kadi Writes on 19/03/2011

Watching and listening to the many debates for and against the suggested constitutional amendments to in Egypt send shivers down my spine and quite frankly make me not want to go to vote at all. At the same time I should begin by moaning the death of “thinking” of all participants in the debate.

The arguments for “Yes” by some including the Muslim brotherhood suggesting as usual that voting “No” amounts to being against God’s laws. On the other hand the other side is claiming that if you vote “Yes” then all is lost and we are heading for a complete disaster and another dictatorship.

Negativity and lack of strategic thinking (outside the box) in dealing with issues and crisis are the whole mark of politics and politicians in Egypt and probably in the Middle East in general.

It is obvious that years of dictatorship have indeed put its black mark and limited the power of thinking of politicians of all sides.

I hear nothing from politicians of all sides with the exception of Dr ElBaradei sometimes (but not in this case) that solution to any problem or crisis always have two options or two dimensions: “either do or else suffer” argument to everything.

You can hear this clearly in the voting on the new constitutional amendments and from people I personally thought highly of including some of our top strategic thinkers or so they think they are.

The former President Mubarak himself during the revolution showed similar lack of political skills and strategic thinking in dealing with his crisis: “either I stay or the Muslim brotherhood would take control” he claimed. Gadhafi and his Son similarly have only two options: “either you obey and go home or we will burn Libya” the announced. Well,The first in this case had the people to give him a third answer and the second, Gadafi had the UN telling him were to go!

Our top opposition politicians and the so called guardian of the revolution seem to lack the courage and vision to take over from the army and start the civilian rule right away.

Thus, refusing a historical and once in a life time gift from the Army to take Egypt back from an iminant military dictatorship to civilian and democratic rule in six months: something I believe they may live to regret for possibly another sixty years or even more.

Who on heaven and earth could say that if the opposition and the revolutionaries were given another year or so grace while they form their parties and organise themselves that the Muslim brotherhood and the Watany Party wouldn’t be even more stronger and ready to obliterate them to the ground at the election?

Who can say that given time that the Army itself wouldn't want to stay longer? Can any one answer me please? Perhaps we should consult "History" for an answer.

In fact there is a third view that might escape our esteemed politicians and revolutionaries at the moment. Just as food for thought I suggest that, the moment for triumphant turning to a civilian rule and away from the Muslim brotherhood, the Watany Party and the military dictatorship is NOW.

Both the Brotherhood and the Watany Party are currently disorganised, totally disorientated and rejected by the masses for their disgraceful stance during the revolution. The military currently is full of good intentions and not completely sucked in by the tapestries of power...Yet.

What a better chance would we get again for success to move to a real democratic way of life than now and especially while people’s memory still fresh and the revolution's spelt blood is not dried yet?

For years and years it was obvious that the Muslim brotherhood and the Watany Party are far stronger and more organised in comparison to the other political forces.

Now Nature have interfered and the blood that was spilled by our youth made us for a brief moment in our history stronger than these two groups, and we are simply planning to WASTE IT just like that.

Ordinary people’s memories are short and if we don’t act now while the blood of our youth is not dried yet and the “iron is hot”, people will soon forget that the Muslim brotherhood never joined the revolution from the outset in the first place and that the Watany Party have damaged the country for so long.

When this happen, you could kiss the revolution good bye while the newly masked Muslim Brotherhood and the Watany Party under another name restore its lost power and organisation to take over and rule us for ever this time.

Isn’t that what happened in the French, Russian and the Iranian revolutions?.

Wasn’t the French revolution hijacked after three years of its explosion?.

wasn't the russian revolution started by the people and ended up at the hands of the communists?.

Didn’t the Iranian revolution start by the youth and ended at the hands of the Ayatollahs? Whome you want to hand over this revolution to?

Who is better than the Master of Strategy, General Sun Tzu the ancient author of the Art of War to tell us that, listen please:

“Once a challenge is executed, if triumph is prolonged, the strategy becomes dull and the vigour dampened

Crude yet quick strategies have been known. But skill has yet to be observed in prolonged operations.

A prolonged strategy has yet to bring advantage to the nation

Therefore, among strategies the best triumph is a swift one”

Sun Tzu the Art of War 2500BC

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