Why are we so Scared of the Old Regime (El-Watany Party?)

Osama El-Kadi Writes: March 2011

It is time to wake-up and realise that we are becoming so afraid even of our shadows and of everything near or far that may “steel” our revolution from us after so much sacrifice and struggle.

While such fears are legitimate and totally logical, going too far with this fear can become obsession, phobia and sickness but most importantly could deny us the services of men and women who are actually good people and Egyptians longing to serve their country like everyone else.

Counter revolutions comes mainly from two sources not only from the people who are trying to hide their past crimes but also from people from the old regime who are trying to find a role to play in progressing their country like the rest of us, but we seem to fiercely deny them any contribution in building our future.

Let’s learn from history and past revolution and not to make the same mistake again by denying good people from sharing in this nation future simply because they were part of the ruling party of the past.

Smart people differentiate between both groups of people in a skilful way in order to eliminate the bad and utilise the energy and desire to serve of the second group.

El-Watany party had three million members and it is illogical and counterproductive to think of all those people as corrupt and not worthy to serve our nation any more.

Not only would we be fatally wrong in such an assumption but we would also deny ourselves the services of loads of smart and well trained individuals who are very well capable of giving more and with carful management on our part will make them help us curb the counter revolution elements which they know very well.

In Martial art and in particular IKEDO, the art of winning is to use your opponent’s energy to strengthen your own. Destroying your opponents will ultimately be your own destruction.

General Sun Tzu in his historical treaty The Art of War never praised winning wars by force but praised winning by strategy that aims at convincing your opponent to give up arms and join your own cause instead.

Sun Tzu said:

“Thus, those who win one hundred triumphs in one hundred conflicts do not have supreme skills.

Those who have supreme skill, use strategy to bend others without coming to conflict”

I suggest that we prosecute the guilty and embrace the rest to help build our nation together.

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