Why Politicians Are Always Fond of the two Options Scenario and Nothing else?

By Osama El-Kadi March 2011

Negativity and lack of Multi-dimensional thinking (outside the box) in dealing with problems and crisis are the whole mark of politics and politicians in Egypt and probably in the Middle East in general. It is obvious that years of dictatorship have indeed put its mark and limited the power of thinking of politicians of all sides.

One can safely say that political skills in general and in dealing with crisis in particular are in severe short supply and in fact bordering on being scandalous in our nation and all-round the Middle East.

I hear nothing from politicians with the exception of Dr ElBaradei sometimes that solution to any problem or crisis always have two options: “either or else” solution to everything.

What is sad is the fact that almost certainly the “either” option is how a dictatorial two-dimensional way of thinking sees the world and the “or” option is almost certainly the destruction of everything if the either option is not taken. You can hear this clearly in what the new PM and his deputy Dr ElGamal are saying all along up to last night: that if we don’t stop the counter revolution blah blah blah then all is lost: notice the either or options.

The Minister of Finance similarly talking about essential items in stock and that in six months all will be lost if we do not go back to work and stop these destructive demonstrations. Mubarak himself during the revolution showed similar skills in dealing with his crisis: either I stay or the Muslim brotherhood would take control. Gadhafi and his Son similarly have only two options: either you obey and go home or we will burn Libya.

Even politicians in the opposition whom we would have hoped have better way of thinking rather than the rusty method of “either or else” fall into similar trap of limited two-dimensional thinking. To Start with, They are deep down scared to death of taking power from the army in six months and instead making all sort of excuses to keep the army in power as long as possible, claiming that they need time to form parties, make their parties strong and then may go to the elections.

Our politicians including ElBaradei in this case seem to lack the courage and vision to take over from the army and start the civilian rule right away. Thus, refusing a historical and once in a life time gift from army to take Egypt back to civilian rule in six months: something I believe they may live to regret for possibly another sixty years. All because of their limited thinking power, lack of vision and multi-dimensional thinking. It is in my view that this political naivety and lack of multi-dimensional thinking, vision, options and determination to win

from our politicians and people in power is the real counter revolution that threatens this nation’s stability and will prolong its agony for a very long time.

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