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The 2,500 year-old secrets of Sun Tzu Art of War strategy for success in life have a few simple rules, but those rules work so well because so few know them!

Easy Strategy Seminars®From Osama El-Kadi

Easy Strategy Seminars® are a unique worldwide seminars that provides a consistent message about using strategy for success in business, sales and negotiation to “win while avoiding conflict”, based on the original concepts of Sun Tzu the Art of War.

Although developed for winning on the battlefield, these principles have the most versatile and practical use in the competitive world today.

Everyone Can Now Learn Real Success by Learning Strategy

Our presentations explain the principles of strategy and strategic decision in business, sales and negotiation, making so that people can immediately use them to meet the challenges they face every day.

Each seminar is custom tailored to the unique needs of your organization including special seminars for managers, salespeople, buyers and marketing.

Success is not just:

  • Having Positive Mental Attitude
  • Any type of action that seems like a good idea
  • A way of fighting with people to get your way

Success is:

  • An art based on the laws of human nature
  • The way you analyze and advance positions
  • A complete set of well-defined principles
  • A method for making better strategic decisions
  • A way of winning without fighting

The seminars explains:

Your natural inclination is to either run away from problems or get into battles with people. This “flight” or “fight” reflex results directly from a lack of strategic training. In these seminars, your people can learn:

  • What is Sun Tzu Art of War strategy
  • What is strategic thinking
  • What is strategic decision making
  • Relevance to success in business, sales and negotiation|
  • The five components of your strategic position
  • The four steps to advancing your position
  • The three concepts that define opportunity
  • The nine strategic situations in every challenge and their response

About our speaker: Osama El-Kadi

Osama El-Kadi Easy Strategy Seminars

Osama El-Kadi: Managing Director El-Kadi Consulting, Commercial Strategist and Business Motivational Speaker on the Art and Science of Strategy and Negotiation. Specializes in utilizing Sun Tzu Art of War Strategy in Business, Sales and Negotiation.

Born 1955 in Manchester England Osama El-Kadi graduated in 1978 with a BSC in Economics followed by an MA in International Business from Alexandria University.

Osama El-Kadi career spans 28 years within UK based blue chip corporate companies. Starting from:

  • Computer Analyst Programmer at NCR,
  • to Chief Architect for an on-line worldwide banking systems,
  • to Sales Director for CAI Europe,
  • to General Manager Technology and Strategy at the House of Fraser Group (including Harrods),
  • to managing group procurement functions for the Automobile Association (the AA)
  • through to his most recent position as Chief Commercial Officer in the Centrica Plc group of companies.

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