Why Build a Website When you Can Build an e-Business

Solo Build It - or how I built an online e-business when I can't build a website

You may be wondering how I (as a non-techie strategist) managed to put together an e-business website, a newsletter, product sales and - the most important thing - attracting visitors!

The answer is.. I didn't!

Solo Build It e-business Gurus did it for me.

OK, that's not strictly true, I had to write the articles, but then I love doing that. SBI did the rest, from making sure I rank highly in search engines to sending out my newsletter every month.

After a very long and expensive journey into the world of building websites, trying every software and every tool, I failed. Till I found this company, that not only build and host your Website, it also "teaches" you the secret of the trade...something certainly unique in today's world of website building and e-business.

What is 'Solo Build It'?

Where do I start? SBI is...

  • A website builder
  • A newsletter publisher
  • A search engine optimizer (get those high rankings)
  • A keyword researcher
  • A community of friends

... I could go on, but you'll get a better explanation here The most useful part of it is that I don't have to worry about what they call 'search engine optimization' - Solo Build It e-business even takes care of visitors for me

(This link shows you examples of SBI sites and the traffic they get.)

The amazing thing is that most SBI sites are owned by people like me who know very little about web technology (I know because I chat with them every day at the SBI forums - it's a great place to get support and motivation!)

I am so pleased with Solo Build It that I recommend it to any friends who are thinking of setting up in business, and so I'm recommending it to you.

If you are thinking about running your own e-business, offline or online, whether you are technically aware or not, I think you will be amazed at what Solo Build It will do for you (everything!)

Click here to learn more about Solo Build It

I think you'll be glad you did ;-)

All the best

Osama El-Kadi

P.S. Solo Build It is not a 'magic wand' - it simply takes care of all the backroom stuff for you while you focus on one thing - building your e-business! (Oh, and it also helps you identify what business to build!) There's more here...

While there are around 100,000,000 Website on the world wide web today, to be traffic ranked in the top 2% world wide,in the first five months of going live, is really something I am proud of.

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