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    "Dear Osama, Back to Paris, I wish to thank you warmly for your presentation at our kick-off in Utrecht. It was very well appreciated by a big majority of our participants. "

    alt text Colette Lewiner
    President, Global Marketing

    "Books are great when you go beyond them and touch them, Thank you Osama for giving me the opportunity to touch Sun Tzu the Art of War. Furthermore: thank you for being here with us in India and showing us a different dimension of thought"

    alt text Sanjay Verma
    President & Managing Director
    ITC India

    "The content overall was stimulating and it has had the desired effect in challenging my management team and their direct reports to look very hard at the way they both organise and plan to achieve the best possible results.

    I am already seeing evidence at a sales management level of a different approach using some of the techniques that were suggested.”

    Fujitsu Siemens Dave Cullinane Executive
    Vice President Sales
    Fujitsu Siemens Computers

    "Your talk brought us the inspirational teachings of Sun Tzu and made them very relevant to us as we develop our management team across all disciplines to truly engage customers, delight them, build partnerships and defeat the competition”

    Sun Microsystems Michael Avis
    Marketing & Strategy Director
    Sun Microsystems UK and Ireland

    “The feedback we had from the session was very strong and people are now talking about ‘the way’ and the need to do preparation and to think carefully before launching particular pieces of action.”

    RHM Limited Thomas Murphy
    General Counsel & General Secretary

    “Thank you Osama, For me this was a life time learning experience and I really hope you enjoyed your stay here with us in Poland."

    BPH Bank Poland Managing Director
    BPH Bank

    "In your leadership of this workshop, I found a rare combination of confidence, wit and experience. The forceful nature by which you made your points was illuminating, as a lesson in clear, confident and powerful communication. In addition, the manner in which you managed the attendee group dynamics was also great, in the way you combined business insights with humour, and encouraged open discussions while being decisive with clear business examples.

    So overall, even beyond the merit of Sun Tzu’s timeless treatise, for me the workshop experience was further enriched due to your individual presence.

    And thank you again for the wonderful experience during the two days workshop"

    ITC InfoTech Saugata Chatterjee
    General Manager
    ITC India

People Who Attended Our Seminars Said:

"Excellent and stimulating speaker who gives inspiration to others"

"Congratulations to Osama to keep audience in a positive tense after a very interesting day"

"Great presenter, great topic"

“Really thought-provoking”

“He looks at things differently than me, and so I learned a lot”

“Please thank Osama for me – it was an essential couple of hours out of the battlefield to reflect on strategy”

"Osama's presentation was a perfect end to a great day"

"I will certainly invite Osama to come to present to my people, they need to see and hear this"

People who attended our seminars are from these organisations:

Oracle an El-Kadi Consulting client DWP an El-kadi Consulting client Shell an El-Kadi Consulting client

CISCO an El-Kadi Consulting client HP an Elkadi Consulting client Aventis an Elkadi Consulting client Hilton an Elkadi Consulting client Orange an Elkadi Consulting client

Motorola an Elkadi Consulting client UBS an Elkadi Consulting client BOC Group an Elkadi Consulting client

BP an Elkadi Consulting client Rolls Royce an Elkadi Consulting client IBM an Elkadi Consulting client BMW an Elkadi Consulting client REUTERS an Elkadi Consulting client

"Ignite your organisation with a presentation on today's most proven & powerful strategic system"

About Osama El-Kadi

Osama El-Kadi has a pedigree of success within UK Blue Chip Corporate companies that spans the last 3 decades.

He has successfully undertaken many disciplines within business at a senior level including sales, procurement, setting strategy and undertaking complex key negotiations.

His mastery is more than academic - His competitive skill comes from real-life experiences culminating in reaching the top Commercial position at Centrica plc a FTSE30 company as Chief Commercial Officer.

His deliverables included, multimillion pounds deals for a wide range of profitable business acquisitions and disposals; major system integration contracts ($700million) and the largest Corporate IT outsourcing deal in Europe in 2006 ($1.5 billion).

Today as a Motivational Business Trainer and Speaker, he is enjoying and embracing the change that enabled him undertake a vigorous career in training people from all over the world on Sun Tzu Strategy for success.

His mastery of the Sun Tzu “the Art of War” which teaches a strategic system known in Chinese as bing-fa - is the martial art designed for the mind. It is a sophisticated system of advancing your position to make success inevitable, whilst avoiding conflict altogether (avoiding unnecessary cost).

As a Strategic Consultant, Trainer and Motivational Speaker for Business, Osama reveals the Sun Tzu ancient secrets, relating it to today’s real world of business and the competition that we all face to stay ahead.

For information on available courses, how to engage Osama El-Kadi as a speaker or for Consultancy, please complete the on-line form provided here. we very much look forward to hearing from you.

"Give your salespeople the weapons they need to win business! Give your managers the tools to act competitively"

"Inspire your customers with a powerful vision of your strategic position! Give your people and your organization the advantage!"

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