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An Answer By Osama El-kadi

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A Short answer? Companies that do not treat business negotiation skills seriously are on their way to extinction and eventual collapse.

Q Businesses are constantly involved in one kind of negotiation or another, yet it seems companies generally pay little attention to developing excellent negotiators. What are the potential drawbacks to a company that leaves negotiating skills to chance?

A Short answer? Extinction and eventual collapse for companies that do not treat business negotiation skills seriously.

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Companies do not do this deliberately. Business negotiation skills are part of the training of any manager in any company but unfortunately not in a very serious way.

Negotiation is an exciting job to do.

It is a world full of fun, mystery and challenges. Success brings great gains for an organisation. It is also an arena full of “luxury” and great entertainments afforded to buyers by the sellers.

Therefore, simply put, senior managers preserve it to themselves.

It is a fact in every organisation that senior managers think they are great negotiators, in fact, not only in business but also in politics, the leaders think they are mighty negotiators. Their self-delusion attitude to such a tricky occupation as business negotiation leads not only their enterprise but also sometimes their own countries to ruin.

History is filled with examples of such misguided business and political leaders.

If only those leaders think of “negotiating” as a job for a General of an army and let go of wanting to do it themselves and let the Generals do the battles, we would have lived in a much better world than the one we live in today.

Leaders and senior managers should always think of themselves as Statesmen who should giver command to a general and let him figure out the strategies and tactics needed to win.

Undertaking negotiations by those leaders is tantamount to engaging in wars they are not prepared or equipped for.

You are right, the job of a negotiator is neglected so is the training in most major organisations.

This phenomenon of course leaves these organisations to sellers who are more equipped and better at creating illusions of how great their products are in the mind of those leaders.

The price increase and poverty befall for those nations and companies.

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