American Election Strategy

The Great Opportunity for the Americans to Regain the Love and Respect of the World Again

By Osama El-kadi - March 2008

As an American election strategy, They can Simply elect a president that does not destroy people and nation all over the world in the name of the best interest of America.

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American election Strategy

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the most responsive to change.”

People have always loved and respected America and looked up to it for leadership and guidance.

America and the Americans have so many gifts to give to the world: democracy, liberalism, attitude, love, faith, business acumen, superb technology and charming people to mention but a few of its virtue. Most importantly, America has the power and the vision to lead the world out of the dark ages of the last three thousand years and into a new millennium of prosperity, illumination and peace.

What have changed all that?

What made America and the Americans hated in so many places around the world?

People have swung between, hate and love of America and Americans for decade, but what cemented bad sentiments towards Americans happened only three years ago.

It is not their American election Strategy that elected George Bush in the first term that alienated the world from Americans, it is his election the second time round that shocked the world to the core.

I personally cried when George Bush was elected again. I cried for the nations that will be destroyed and for the innocent people that will die: Americans and non-Americans alike, because of such a misguided choice by the American people.

The Americans had the opportunity to elect a decent man called Kerry last time round and missed it. A man who was accustomed to debate and diplomacy to resolve problems and not bloodshed and fights.

The American election strategy blinded them and made them opt instead for a man who think in two dimensions fashion, “If you are not with us, you are against us”, a rhetoric that we only heard three thousand years ago during the harsh Roman Empire times. Such rhetoric was repeated in the 21 century and the Americans fell for it, simply out of fear.

This was the American election strategy of Bush and the agents of fear in the USA at the time and it has sadly worked.

The propaganda of Bush convinced them that they are safer with him than with Kerry.

How could this be while more Americans are dying every day in manufactured wars on the world by the Bush administration, let alone the non-Americans that have to die by the thousands for the best interest of America.

Wake up Americans, please, and learn that 2500 years ago a Chinese general called Sun Tzu said it to all of us:

“those who win one hundred triumphs in one hundred conflicts,
do not have supreme skills.
Those who have supreme skill,
use strategy to bend others without coming to conflict”

It is not smart to wage wars on people and nations to secure your own happiness and prosperity, there is enough for all of us on this planet, wars are not a "smart" thing to do, fear is a cowardice tactics by the elite to subdue and dominate you.

What an opportunity you the Americans have today to reverse all the hate and reputations you gained in the past few years and with one strategic move. Your American election strategy Today dictates that you must change and look for change. This strategic move is available to you and a God sent, not only to you, but also to the world.

Elect a president who is smart to know and understand what Sun Tzu said 2500 years ago.

Today you need to elect a president who knows how to win by strategy and by getting the other side to his point of view.

Elect a president who does not think that waging wars is in the best interest of America.

Elect a president who will not support dictators around the world for the best interest of America.

You know the one who will deliver change, peace and prosperity to the world, go for him, restore the love, and respect that you have lost when you re-elected Bush three years ago.

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