The ABC of Negotiation

The Three Golden Rules - Keynote Presentation

Speaker: Osama El-Kadi

The ABC of Negotiation The three Golden Rules by Osama El-Kadi

Using these ABC of negotiation rules, you will understand strategic negotiation analysis, the progress cycle for advancing negotiating position, situational response, creative momentum, and the many other tools that form classical negotiating strategy. Most importantly, you will understand the rules of the game that no tactic or strategy can replace.

Once you master the ABC of Negotiation - the three golden rules, you will develop the ability to see your negotiating situation objectively, recognize unseen opportunities, perform at a higher level, and achieve more consistent results in meeting negotiating challenges in business and in life.

This, in turn, will allow you and your organization to achieve higher levels of growth and performance. Solidly grounded in the latest research in traditional military science, management theory, negotiating theories, behavioral psychology, and other sciences, The presentation designed to be both practical and enlightening not to mention, highly entertaining.

Throughout my 30 years in the negotiation game and while playing at all levels, I realised that these three golden rules are really what matter for achieving great results in the game.

They are the rules that differentiate the best from the poor negotiators. You could learn all the tactics and strategies in the world, but without understanding these three golden rules, you will have little chance of becoming a great negotiator.

The ABC of negotiation rules apply to any negotiation game, whether it is multimillion pound deal, buying a car or a house -- The same rules apply.

The wonderful thing about these golden rules is that even an unskilled negotiators can, not only be a players over night but also win big time using these three golden rules; They are the ABC of negotiation.

    1) Aim Big
    2) Be Patient
    3) Concede Small

About Osama El-kadi

Osama El-kadi’s mastery is more than academic. His competitive skill comes from his real-life experience in reaching the top Commercial position at a FTSE30 company and recovering from major setbacks in his career while searching for the true knowledge of success.

Over 28 years success in sales, buying, negotiation and strategy within UK Blue chip companies.

As Chief Commercial Officer of Centrica plc a UK FTSE 30 Company, developed and negotiated successfully, major initiatives for cost savings. Multimillion pounds deals for all type business acquisitions. Major system integration contracts ($700million) and the largest IT outsourcing deal in Europe in 2006 ($1.5 billion).

As a Motivational Speaker, inspired and moved thousands of people from all over the world to take actions leading to stunning success in business and in life

Osama experienced profound momentum on his journey while searching for the true knowledge of success, when his marriage ended in divorce, fired from a major corporation in the UK.

He now is enjoying a healthy career in training people from all over the world on Sun Tzu Strategy and negotiation for success. He is living a Healthy relationship with his life partner and two great children a Son age 17 and a sweet girl age 3.

Over the last fifteen years, Osama has attended public and private conferences to deliver motivational speeches and negotiation strategies seminars on a range of topics including :

  • The ABC of Negotiation - The three Golden Rules.
  • Negotiation Strategies and The Art of War.
  • The Art of War in Business.
  • Winning in Negotiation.
  • Strategy as a Tool for Winning in Business.
  • Art of War for Stunning Growth.

Osama El-kadi strategy and negotiation Keynote presentations guarantee results through the enthusing and energising of an organisations key personnel to want to achieve, by showing them how to deliver measurable results through people that truly participate and adopt the negotiation strategies learnt.

The growing client base of El-Kadi Consulting includes Fujitsu Siemens, Sun Microsystems, ITC, Axon, Blacknewport, RHM and Poland PBH Bank.

His negotiating strategy approach has enabled him to develop an integrity within the IT Industry in the UK, not only as a top expert negotiator but also as being extremely resourceful in the delivery of ideas, negotiation tactics and strategies that have lead to his presentation participants achieving stunning results in their major negotiation.

Background and Career achievements

Born 1955 in Manchester England Osama El-kadi graduated in 1978 with a BSC in Economics followed by an MA in International Business from Alexandria University followed by an industrial Phd in negotiation and Sun tzu the Art of War in 1999.

Osama El-Kadi's career spans 28 years within UK based blue chip corporate companies. Starting from:

  • Computer Analyst Programmer at NCR,
  • To Chief Architect for worldwide banking systems,
  • To Sales Director for CAI Europe,
  • To General Manager Technology at the House of Fraser Group (including Harrods),
  • To managing group procurement functions for the Automobile Association (the AA)
  • Through to his most recent position as Chief Commercial Officer in the Centrica Plc group of companies.

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