Negotiation Strategy or Just Tactics - Part One

What Do They Really Teach You?

There are two negotiation approaches prevailing in the world today, but unfortunately only one is more widely spread; especially in the negotiation training circles.

Negotiation strategy


First is the basic negotiation tactics approach, which currently dominates the training industry especially in the Western world. It is also practiced widely and naturally in the developing nations of the world.

Second is the negotiation strategy approach, which is far more complex and less common, and I would go so far to say or even understood in the majority of training circles, among people or put into practice. You may also like to refer to it as "strategic negotiation approach".

Negotiation skills in general, are a prerequisite to ensure success in any endeavour in life; from career progression, buying a car, resolving conflicts of any scale, growing a business, even to finding an attractive partner!

This being a vital skill to learn, I would therefore suggest, that understanding the differences between the two approaches is essential to your future success.

So let us take some time to understand the difference between:-

  • The Negotiation strategy approach
  • The Negotiation tactics approach

Understanding the difference between the two is a definite step in the right direction, before you go wasting your hard earnt money by plunging it into expensive courses, books and seminars on the subject.

Before I do... please TAKE A BREAK (make yourself a drink)... and watch this video Clip of Osama El-Kadi in Action - talking about “Negotiation” during a major conference in London...

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