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Easy Strategy Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Real Success!
May 01, 2007

Thank you for subscribing to my easy-strategy newsletter. I hope you will not be disappointed, in fact I think you will not be disappointed.

I intend to publish this newsletter in the first week of every month.

The newsletter will include my thoughts and other people thoughts on subjects that are vital to your success in business and in life.

I hope you are used to or do remember my "no-nonsense" style in everything that I do.

Here too you will read "no-nonsense" stuff on Strategy, Negotiations, Leadership, sales, success articles and much much more....

My purpose in this newsletter and website is not to sell or make a "sales" pitch for my services.

NOT At All...

I do that in my other website at which is now hightly ranked by all major search engines such as Google and Yahoo for strategy and negotiation consulting and training services.

In fact I am spending most of my time now between the Middle East, Greece and Eastern and Western Europe delivery keynote speeches and training with great success.

This Easy-Strategy Website and the Newsletter are solely dedicated to imparting my own knowledge and other experts knowledge on this very "mysterious" and intriguing subject called STRATEGY, not to mention Negotiation too.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Now..on with the business of this Newsletter.

I thought to start by giving you my unique and one of its kind perspective on "What is Strategy?", not that I think that you don't know what STRATEGY IS...

not at all...

it is just my own perspective on the subject which you may or may not know.

You know, I am also fond of Sun Tzu and therefore I have involved him in all my writings which I hope you do not mind.

Let's begin....

Ah... one last thing..for all those who know me.. please forgive my "spelling" mistakes... you know... It is now a trademark of mine...that I basically cannot live without...

What is Strategy?

What is Strategy? Is the most persistent and unanswered question being asked through out the world today.

Strategy is an Art, never a Science!

It is the Art of the conscious mind that man invented 3500 years ago to overcome the mounting challanges of the day and succeed while avoiding costly and painful conflicts.

It is the Art of the mind that man invented, when the voices of Gods stopped guiding him!

Strategy is the greatest "winning tool" ever invented by man!

It enables the practitioners to predict the future of any encounter they undertake.

While planning and reacting appropriately, rationally and successfully without the need for the "supernatural" or the voices from within!!

It is the Art of the "Conscious Mind!"

When you know "what strategy is", learn and practice, you develop the strategist's mind.

The Thinking of the General, who is trained to thinks several moves ahead of everyone else.

Strategy is the discovery of a "loophole" in nature!

It is the discovery of how the weak can overcome the strong and how the small can defeat the large....

It is the discovery of how you and I can succeed in business and in life no matter what the obstacles are.

FACT: Successful people know "what strategy is" and use it every day.

Usually they learn from expensive mistakes and trials and errors.

You could be spending years of your life learning all sorts of theories of success from the "Gurus", while still reacting to challanges the wrong way.

"Fight or Flight" response in meeting challanges is the prevailing instinct among most people.....

Fight or Flight response to challenges, create a short term satisfaction and long term enemies and misery.

Don't believe in "use your instinct Luke" teachings.....

Instinctual and spontaneous responses to challanges in business and in life, is the number one cause of "long term" failures for individuals, nations and businesses through out history.

Strategy is the success art of the mind that for the last 2600 years, was preserved only for the ruling classes and the elites of politics and business through out the world.

Strategy, "the thinking of the General" is the Forbidden and Secret Art of Success for thousands of years!

"All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved."

Sun Tzu The Art of War

What is Strategy? According to Sun Tzu the Art of War?

Sun Tzu answers the serious question of what is strategy? asked by thousands of people through out history.

In the opening of The Art of War treaty, he begins by saying;

“Strategy is the great work of the Mind.

In Situation of Life and death,

It is the Tao of Survival or Extinction.

Its study cannot be neglected”

The Chinese classics were written in a very general universal style. They were meant to be templates for meeting life challenges.

Templates to be used by anyone, at any time, in any challanging situation.

The language of China lends itself well to this phenomenon. Each character is a multidimensional picture of an idea.

For example the word Bing Fa could literally mean Martial Art, Strategy, Conflict, Negotiation or even War.

But the way that Sun Tzu uses it, its meaning is closer to the way we use the term Strategy.

I guess "War" was the most frequently used interpretation due to its strange "appeal", but certainly the word "strategy" is the closest to what Sun Tzu advocated.

Three words in the opening are very important:

First "Strategy", second "Skill" and third "Study".

They signify that it is not an inborn skill but a learned skill that must be studied in order to win over life’s challenges.

What is strategy?

A strategy is a "conscious" and systematic approach to winning over life's challenges and achieving one's mission.

The English term, strategy, after all is from the ancient Greek, meaning literally, the "conscious" thinking of the General or the Leader.

What makes strategy an Art?

Only one thing: the ability to consistently create new moves to overcome challenges in life.

When you or anyone masters Sun Tzu’s system, they are able to more completely understand their situation and take the right actions.

It doesn’t require any innate inborn skill.

Unlike all other strategic thinkers in history, Sun Tzu was able to break down the steps in building a strategy into simple components.

Why is this strategic art necessary?

Because our instinctual reactions to challanges is inappropriate.

Our natural “inborn” reaction to life's challenges is “flight” or “fight”.

Running away from challenges or getting into costly fights with people and organizations.

Strategy has a different approach to life's challanges.

It teaches systematic positioning leading to triumph.

Ideally, over time, people want to join you and not to fight you.

Strategy is not for reactionaries but for "conscious" and thinking people.

It is based on certain economic realities and teaches us how to use simple mathematics to calculate our possibilities and basic psychology to understand and persuade our opponents.

What is strategy again?

A strategy is a continual "conscious" process of thinking, not a one-time planning effort.

But it also teaches the skills for taking advantage of opportunities that come our way everyday of our lives.

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