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Egypt, the up and coming outsourcing destination of the world!
May 09, 2007

Did you know that Egypt today is ranked twelfth in the league of major outsourcers?

It seems that Egypt is becoming the favourite destination for outsourcing to major American and European companies too.

From my "Egyptian" perspective, I know why...

Egyptians are highly educated, friendly and fluent in English, French and German.

Egypt for countries have been a middle meeting point of the world for trade and commerce.

On Cost, Egypt must be the cheapest and most secure and efficient country in the world today to do business with.

A salary of 200 per months translate to E2200 Egyptian pounds.

This will secure a university graduate with a life education in English, French and /or German.

You will also be dealing with the most friendly and hospitable people on the planet, while being in the one of the greatest countries in the world today.

Ah and by the way.. I just written an article that you might be interested to read about Egypt. Politics and my late father Dr Mahmud El-Kadi time in the opposition in Egypt and his relationship with President Mubarak...

you may be interested to read this article which can be found in many places...

let me know what you think and if you want more information about outsourcing in Egypt... I will be more than glad to I have already established a business and contacts in Egypt to deal with this highly demanded service..

"My Father, Egypt's President Mubarak, and the incompetent Egyptian Opposition!"

You can see this article at any of the following Links:,-Egypts-President-Mubarak,-and-the-incompetent-Egyptian-Opposition!&id=554785

I really do hope that you enjoyed the article!

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By the remind you on a totally unrelated subject..

I am developing a Website on EGYPT... my true love I guess...

If you are interested.. then visit my new website on Egypt at:

This site is on its infancy but I am hoping to make it the biggest resources on EGYPT on the Net within the next twelve months visit it and support it please.

Best wishes my friend.


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