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Know the thirty six strategies of China so that no one can use them against you
July 04, 2007

In this July issue of Easy Strategy Newsletter, I would like to introduce you to the 36 strategies of China.

These 36 Chinese proverbs are related to 36 battle scenarios in Chinese history and folklore, predominantly of the Warring States Period.

They are a unique collection of ancient Chinese proverbs that describe some of the most cunning and subtle strategies ever devised by man.

Whereas other Chinese military texts such as Sun Tzu The Art of War focus on military and “business” organization, leadership, and battlefield tactics, the Thirty Six Strategies are more suitably applied in the fields of politics, diplomacy, and espionage.

It is my personal view that the 36 strategies on their own and without some kind of a philosophical discipline or a grand strategy to give them purpose are “amoral” by nature.

Nevertheless, you may ask why I included them in the Website... my answer would be because they EXIST and for thousands of years people have used them...

Not knowing them may cause us to fall into them and to lose our battle for success....

Some people claim that the 36 strategies are the doing of Sun Tzu, but I don’t agree for one simple reason... Sun Tzu Art of War opening suggest that; before any engagement or battle of any sort, we must have a good purpose or the Tao on our side...that purpose must for the good of the people or the nation we serve.

In all cases I sometimes feel that the saddest way of living is not knowing that such strategies exist or even how it works...

Whether you use it or not is an entirely different matter, but no one have any excuse for not learning strategy and its power of realising goals of any kind.

Now...back to the thirty six strategies...Links and I leave it to read it

The 36 Strategies - An Introduction

The Six Confrontation Strategies

The Six Winning Strategies

The Six Attack Strategies

The Six Chaos Strategies for Confused Situation

The Six Advance Strategies for Gaining Ground

The Six Desperate Situations Strategies

I hope you found reading this useful

Best Regards

Osama El-Kadi

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